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Sharing Life Together

We seek accountability, relationships, and opportunities for friends to have fun. Join us regularly at church for worship and Sunday Fellowship or help brainstorm or organize a men’s social gathering: get together to watch a game, go on a run, or any number of events.

Men Sharpening Men (Classes, Studies, & Small Groups)

Tribe Men’s Gathering
Time: Thursdays, 6:45 AM
Location: Paloma Blanca
Contact: Mitchell Moore, Mitchellm@fpcsat.org
Description: Join the men’s TRIBE community where men sharpen men through the study of God’s word and sharing life together.

Men’s Prayer Breakfast
Time: Thursdays, 7:15 – 8:30 AM
Location: Room 208 (Geneva Room)
Contact: Sheila Figueroa, sheilaf@fpcsat.org
Description: Men of all ages are invited for weekly Bible study, prayerful support and Christian growth, led by Rev. Dr. Bob Fuller each Thursday morning. After breakfast, a passage of scripture is read and discussed. Each man is invited to share his insights on the truth and relevance of the morning’s passage.


Connect with one of the Men’s Ministry Leaders to get involved and share life together with a community of men seeking to sharpen each other in their daily walks.

Trebes Sasser at tsasser@rpitx.com
Cody Heffron at codyheffron@yahoo.com
Gardner Peavy at gardnerpeavy@gmail.com

Man Nights

Join us for a manly night of food, fellowship, and the spiritual fight. All ages of men are welcome! Contact Bobby Mickler, Trebes Sasser, Eric Schluter, or John Brooks for information or to help with our next Man Night.

Bobby Mickler – bobby.mickler@gmail.com
Trebes Sasser – tsasser@rpitx.com
Eric Schluter – schluter.eric@gmail.com
John Brooks – jhbrooks1979@gmail.com

Men’s Small Groups

We’re exhausted from the constant pressure, loneliness and feeling like we never measure up. Could there be a better way? We’re here to help you discover a healthy vision for manhood and a community where you can be yourself. Contact Gardner Peavy at to RSVP or for questions about small groups.

Authentic Manhood – 33 The Series Men’s Bible Study

A VIDEO SERIES FOR MEN. 33 The Series is a multi-volume video series that gives men a vision for manhood as modeled by Jesus in his 33 years on earth. Authentic Manhood is all about setting men up to live lives of truth, passion and purpose.