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Global Missions

In partnership with our commissioned missionaries and international mission organizations, some examples of the work we support include: building relationships, training pastors, translating Bibles, planting churches, evangelism, encouraging spiritual growth and development, providing disaster relief, meeting basic needs for food, shelter, and healthcare, stewarding natural resources, caring for widows and orphans, strengthening families, educating children, and providing advocacy when needed.

All of our missionaries welcome your prayers, support, and correspondence! If you would like to become a pen pal, prayer partner, or email encouragement to one of our missionaries, please contact Mitchell Moore or Lindsay Selli for more details.


Ashraf Abdou - YWAM

Ashraf Abdou (YWAM, Spain)

Ashraf and his wife focus on training and discipling leaders through Discipleship Training Schools (DTS) with YWAM in Spain and North Africa. The students who attend these schools learn about God and then begin to do outreach where they have the opportunity to share the Gospel with others. In addition to DTS School Programs, they are also able to provide opportunities for leadership training, Bible Study Groups, and evangelism during the year. Ashraf believes that although these students come to know Christ, the most important part is that they are trained in leadership so they can facilitate more gospel learning as they return to their homes.

Chris and Francelia McReynolds - The Antioch Partners

Chris and Francelia McReynolds (The Antioch Partners, Mexico)

Chris and Francelia McReynolds live in Mexico City. Their ministry focus is capacity-building in Christian education and discipleship through the AMO® Program in Mexico, as they work with children and their parents, as well as teachers. Their calling is to equip adults with biblical principles so they can more effectively nurture the image of God in each child. The McReynolds use the AMO® Program, published by Chrysalis International, to equip parents and church leaders with a Christian mindset to disciple children through biblical, Christian education that teaches the whole child. Beyond children and their parents, teachers are trained, who then become trainers; a process which facilitates growth of local leaders and the AMO® program in Mexico.

Cristina Inchaustegui - The Antioch Partners

Cristina Inchaustegui (The Antioch Partners, Dominican Republic)


Cristina and her husband, Alfonso, live in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. After a two-year mentoring process, Cristina became an AMO® missionary trainer with Chrysalis International traveling throughout the Spanish-speaking world to teach and disciple teachers, parents, and pastors in Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Honduras, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Haiti and her own nation. In 2014 she became Regional Director of the AMO® Program in Latin America and the Caribbean. For the past three years, she has been networking with many NGOs, churches, ministries, and schools to equip thousands of leaders and educators with a biblical, Christian worldview of education that teaches both adults and children how to think and reason with the revelation of God’s Word. FPC’s partnership with Christina focuses on the AMO® program in Elias Piña, in the Dominican Republic. In 2018-2019, AMO® was invited to implement the classic literature units in public school extended schedule in Elias Piña. They will start with 5 of the 57 schools in this province, close to Haiti’s border, with prayerful vision to expand these programs.

George and Anne Harper - Action International Ministries

George and Anne Harper (Action International Ministries, Philippines)


George and Anne help train and mentor Asians who will in turn train a new generation of pastors and leaders for the region’s rapidly growing churches. Their work is in the Graduate School of Theology – Philippines (AGST) where George serves as Professor of Christian History and Thought and Program Director for Theological Studies and Church History, and Anne is the Director of Spiritual Formation and the Associate Professor of Missions. George is also editor of the Asia Theological Association’s journal, the Journal of Asian Evangelical Theology, and Anne is the editor of AGST’s journal, the Journal of Asian Mission. Though they teach and serve as administrators with the AGST, they also seek to mentor and model for their students outside the classroom so that they will grow spiritually as well as intellectually/theologically.

Jesse and Sarah Blaine - SAMS USA

Jesse and Sarah Blaine (SAMS USA, Cambodia)


The Blaines have had the privilege of serving in Cambodia since 2012, when FPC helped launch them into the mission field. They work in the local church developing new leadership and reaching out into the city of Phnom Penh in both word and deed. In addition, they serve as advisors in placing orphans and vulnerable children in loving local families by partnering with local churches to provide ongoing support and care for these children and families.

Pastor Lian Thang - Children's Relief International

Pastor Lian Thang (Children’s Relief International, Myanmar)


Pastor Lian Thang grew up in a remote village of Myanmar. He responded to God’s clear call that urged him toward ministry and later graduate from Dallas Theological Seminary. Upon his return to Myanmar, with a vision to educate and help the poor children in his community, he partnered with Children’s Relief International (CRI) to start Shalem Christian Academy. Some students are able to board at the Academy during the school year, where they receive food and clothing. The children at Shalem Christian Academy learn of God’s love for them as they are cared for and receive and education.

Ron Moyer - YWAM

Ron Moyer (YWAM, Tyler – Worldwide)


This YWAM campus, though located in Texas, is responsible for training and sending hundreds of young people, from many nations and backgrounds, out across the world to affect those influential spheres of society in the transformation of nations. Ron directs the School of Strategic Missions, an intensive 6-month frontier missions training program. This program typically hosts 10-15 missionary candidates to help them prepare for long-term missional service around the world. He also travels to check in on teams that have been sent from YWAM, Tyler all over the world.

Steve and Barbara Johnson - YWAM

Steve and Barbara Johnson (YWAM, Hungary)


Steve Johnson serves as the Base Director for YWAM’s ministry in Budapest, Hungary where he is responsible for the ministries of all the YWAM teams that serve the city. These teams are made up of 14 full-time missionaries from 9 different nations. The ministry work that YWAM Hungary participates in is varied and includes street evangelism, feeding the homeless, serving refugees, a discipleship training school, a coffee house, alpha course, and supporting other kinds of ministries initiated by local Hungarian leaders and churches. In addition to all of this work, the Johnson’s own a large apartment house, which Barbara manages, where some of the staff resides. This is also where students and visiting outreach teams are able to stay.

Ministry Organizations:

Agape Unlimited

Agape Unlimited (Russia)


Agape Unlimited is a medical evangelism agency, founded by Dr. Bill Becknell in 1993. Their vision is to “Go – where no one wants to go; Help – those no one cares about; and Share – God’s love with everyone!” They work to accomplish this mission through outreach, medical education, medical clinics, and the Agape Farm. Agape’s work has grown to include: medical mission excursions all over Russia (even into the most remote areas of the country) to provide healthcare and the gospel to unreached people groups, homeless shelters, elderly homes, a for-profit medical clinic that provides low-cost healthcare to families (by Christian staff who share the gospel), a refugee clinic (in a church basement), a partnership with YWAM Russia in gypsy villages, and a farm which outreaches to and provides care for orphans.

The Antioch Partners

The Antioch Partners (Worldwide)


The Antioch Partners (TAP) was created as an alliance of Frontier Fellowship and The Outreach Foundation to enable an expansion of ministry opportunities for Presbyterians. They are a missionary sending organization, serving local Presbyterian congregations in the US in the assessment, training, sending and support and care of long-term, cross-cultural missionaries. TAP currently has 60 partners (missionaries) serving all over the world. The two key sending priorities are working among unreached/least-reached people groups and building capacity in the global church.

Food For the Hungry

Food For The Hungry (Worldwide)


Food for the Hungry is a Christian humanitarian organization ending all forms of human poverty by providing life-changing development programs, disaster relief, and advocacy. Since 1971, Food for the Hungry has been going into the world’s hardest places with an exit strategy: to respond to human suffering and graduate communities of extreme poverty into self-sustainability, all within a decade. By creating context-specific solutions in education, agriculture, health, livelihood, clean water, and disaster risk reduction, the nonprofit focuses on transformational development, investing in children as the key to lift entire communities out of poverty. With 98% of staff working in their country of origin, Food for the Hungry works side-by-side with local leaders, churches, and families to implement innovative solutions. The organization currently serves more than 14 million people in over 20 countries worldwide.

International Justice Mission

International Justice Mission (Dominican Republic)


The International Justice Mission (IJM) is a human rights organization that leverages the skills of criminal justice professionals to protect the poor from violent oppression all over the world. Their vision is to rescue thousands, protect millions, and prove that justice for the poor is possible. Such injustices include trafficking, slavery, theft, abuse of power, and citizenship rights about. They work with local law enforcement, justice systems, and agencies to rescue victims, care for them, and provide training to address trafficking in communities across the world. FPC’s partnership is focused in the Dominican Republic, where an office was launched in 2013. Since that time, IJM has been able to rescue more than 120 children and women from trafficking.

Mission India

Mission India (India)


Mission India partners with more than 1,500 Indian churches and indigenous ministries to train and equip local believers, to share the Gospel, disciple new believers, and plant new worshiping groups. The core ministries include church planter training, the adult literacy program, and children’s Bible clubs. One hundred percent of MI’s ministry partners in India are Indian nationals. As indigenous Christians are trained, they receive tools and materials they need to plant and reproduce vibrant churches in their areas.

The Outreach Foundation

The Outreach Foundation (Worldwide)


The Outreach Foundation works to connect Presbyterians to build the church’s capacity to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ by helping the church live out its missional calling, building the capacity of the global church, and transforming lives through mission involvement. Though the Foundation works all over the world, FPC’s specific partnership lies in Iraq and Syria. A Mission Consultant in the Middle East works to build partnerships between the churches in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan and The Outreach Foundation. These partnerships help to strengthen the church in the Middle East and bring vital education, Bible sharing, and outreach to the region.

Pars Theological Centre

Pars Theological Centre


Pars Theological Centre exists to equip and mobilize the Iranian church by training a new generation of servant leaders to lead the church and transform the Persian-speaking world for the glory of God. Pars equips and mobilizes a new generation of biblically grounded, theologically informed, and spiritually mature servant leaders who work to lead the church into loving God and one another. In addition to training, Pars provides a variety of resources, including care and mentoring. Pars is a new Global Ministry Partner in the ECO Denomination.

Proyecto Amistad

Proyecto Amistad (Mexico)


Proyecto Amistad works in North-Central and Central Mexico to provide Christian education, discipleship programs, and Christian education training for local church leaders. They accomplish this through several projects. The first is Club Amistad where over 150 volunteers teach, feed, and care for children in the Club program. This club addresses the issues of the powerful drug cartels, violence, and poverty that grips so many families in Mexico. Each week children attend this club where they experience Bible study, educational opportunities for history, children’s classical literature (by Christian authors), the arts, and participate in recreation and community service. There are currently 14 clubs which educate an estimated 400 children. Proyecto Amistad also hosts a scholarship program which seeks to reduce school desertion due to lack of resources in Mexican families. This program provides financial, moral, and academic support for high school, college, and seminary students in the Noreste and Huastecas Presbyteries. Proyecto Amistad currently provides seminary, college, and high school scholarships. While students receive the scholarships, they build personal relationships with Amistad personnel who sow the seeds of a Biblical world view in their hearts. In addition to Club Amistad and the scholarship program, Proyecto Amistad provides financial support for the Noreste Presbytery’s MINTS theological studies program and produces training, via AMO Mexico, for lay leaders through Mexico. This training program creates a renewed vision for Biblical education in Mexico and provides local churches with the educational resources they need to develop programs that evangelize and disciple children in their communities.

Reformed Church Partnership for Russian Speaking Immigrants

Reformed Church Partnership for Russian Speaking Immigrants (Poland)

First Presbyterian Church has the honor to participate in a church planting and ministry training effort for Russian speaking immigrants in Warsaw, Poland. As many Russian speakers have immigrated to Poland, there is great need to provide worship, discipleship, and training opportunities in their own language as they work to assimilate into regular life in Warsaw. FPC works, in partnership, to equip and encourage church leaders as they provide a space for worship and assimilation through a church community in Warsaw.

RPC Haiti

RPC Haiti (Haiti)


RPC Haiti is a church-planting, church-maturing, and church-multiplying mission; seeking to obey the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20). They work to build the Church through preaching and teaching the Word of God. They focus on reaching unbelievers through evangelism, walking with believers in discipleship, and raising up leaders as the church grows. In addition, Pastor Delfils has begun to meet with several other churches with the goal to form a Presbytery in 2019. Pastor Delfils and Pastor Hopp share in pastoral responsibilities at RPC Haiti, as well as several church plants in Haiti.

Vets With A Mission

Vets With A Mission (Vietnam)


Vets with a Mission has a variety of projects in several provinces of Vietnam. Staff and volunteers sponsor and work in medical clinics, offer medical training programs, and work with the local clinic doctors to help improve their level of education and skills in the medical profession. VWAM has also sent disaster relief teams to Vietnam following typhoons; providing assistance in the form of medical supplies and equipment to clinics where teams have served. In addition to medical work, VWAM has worked and partnered with local churches to provide Bibles and Christian literature, funded church repairs, and supported outreach efforts. These ministries are now coordinated with the local church, who interact with the local government in Vietnam.

World Vision, Malawi

World Vision (Malawi, Africa)


World Vision began working in Malawi in 1982 with community infrastructure projects including schools and water systems. By 1992, World Vision had established longer-term community-based area development programs, and is now helping close to one-million people. Currently, World Vision is working with communities in 26 districts through 44 long-term Area Development Programs. FPC’s partnership is in the Mutendere ADP and focuses largely on water systems, schools, a medical clinic, and assisting families with education to begin and grow small businesses, grow food, and care for livestock/animals that provide for various needs in the villages. Through these projects Christ’s love is shown and children are able to learn about the Bible in schools, and share that news with their families and friends. Over 125 FPC Covenant Partners began sponsoring children in the Mutendere ADP which is scheduled to close in September or 2019. Through FPC’s support and partnership, and the Lord’s faithfulness, the Mutendere ADP has been able to provide clean drinking water, provided avenues for healthcare, education, food security, and more for these communities!

Yucatan Peninsula Mission

YPM (Mexico)


YPM is empowered by God to seek to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit, in service, fellowship, witness and worship, and to meet the needs of the underserved Mayan people of the region. YPM partners with churches and Presbyteries in the USA and in Mexico to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and to make Jesus visible by assisting with the construction of churches and schools, providing medical care, building a secondary school in Leona Vicario for indigenous Maya children who cannot afford to go to the cities to continue their education after primary school, and offering and providing for a variety of cross-cultural exchanges with the local people. YPM has also built a University for the villagers, and offers degree programs in education, law, and business. As relationships are built with villagers through education and medical care, churches and volunteer teams can share the good news of Christ.

To learn more about these missionaries or ministries, or to find out more about how you can connect globally, contact Lindsay Selli or Mitchell Moore.

Mission Trips:

First Presbyterian Church provides many opportunities to go on mission trips throughout the year. We want to offer our church the ability to see how God is at work in many ways, and in many places, all around the world.

Mission Trips for 2019-2020:

  • Living Waters for the World – There  will be several opportunities to travel to Leona Vicario, Mexico as FPC works with Living Waters for the World to install a system to provide clean water to this area. Team members are still needed!! If you would like to learn more about how to join, contact Lindsay Selli.
  • Please check back for more mission trip opportunities in 2019-2020! Contact Lindsay Selli with questions or for more information regarding ways you can participate!