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Global Missions

In partnership with our commissioned missionaries and international mission organizations, some examples of the work we support include: building relationships, training pastors, translating Bibles, planting churches, evangelism, encouraging spiritual growth and development, providing disaster relief, meeting basic needs for food, shelter, and healthcare, stewarding natural resources, caring for widows and orphans, strengthening families, educating children, and providing advocacy when needed.

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All of our missionaries welcome your prayers, support, and correspondence! If you would like to become a pen pal, prayer partner, or email encouragement to one of our missionaries, please contact Mitchell Moore or Lindsay Selli for more details.

Meet Our Global Missions Partners

Please note that some partnerships are not listed due to their service in security-sensitive regions. For more information about these partners or to learn more about upcoming opportunities to serve globally, please contact Lindsay Selli.


Andrew and Teri Adair (The Antioch Partners, Global)

Andrew, who grew up in Houston, and Teri, who grew up in Southern California, met and married while they were studying at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, CA. Teri completed a Masters in Cross-cultural Studies at Fuller, and Andrew received a M.Div. with a concentration in Cross-cultural Studies. They both share a passion for cross-cultural ministry. Andrew and Teri have three children (Rebekah, Gabrielle and Matthew).

The Adair family moved from Central Asia to Houston in 2006 and accepted the invitation to start what has become The Antioch Partners (TAP). Andrew serves as the Executive Director of TAP, and Teri serves as the Personnel Coordinator. TAP became operational in the summer of 2007 and more than seventy Partners are now serving through TAP (and more are on the way). The Adairs are convinced God is continuing to call men and women from Presbyterian churches to serve him in the world in creative ways, and structures like TAP are necessary to help these servants thrive in their ministry callings. Andrew and Teri are grateful for the privilege of partnering with local Presbyterian churches here in the US in the assessment, training, sending, support and care of long-term, cross-cultural servants who are being used by God in so many ways around the world.

Antonio Alvarez (The Antioch Partners)


Jose Antonio and his wife, Veronica Alvarez have been happily married since 1992 and are currently based in San Antonio, TX. Antonio and Veronica are both originally from Mexico. Antonio grew up without family and lived in an orphanage, several houses and on the streets throughout his childhood. Antonio’s socioeconomic reality did not allow him to imagine that one day he would be attending graduate school. However, for the last ten years, he has been able to successfully obtain several postgraduate degrees. Antonio’s passion is to use his education to teach and consult at universities and seminaries with students, professors, and emerging Christian leaders in the US and Latin America. Antonio currently teaches and leads conferences in the US, Latin America and Poland. Antonio and Veronica are excited to use their gifts to help educate individuals through theological education. In this sense, they are deeply committed to reach pastors, professors and emerging Christian leaders in Latin America and beyond, one heart and mind at a time.

Prayer Guide for Mexico and South Texas

Map of Mexico and South Texas Partners

Ashraf Abdou (YWAM, Spain)

Ashraf and his wife focus on training and discipling leaders through Discipleship Training Schools (DTS) with YWAM in Spain and North Africa. The students who attend these schools learn about God and then begin to do outreach where they have the opportunity to share the Gospel with others. In addition to DTS School Programs, they are also able to provide opportunities for leadership training, Bible Study Groups, and evangelism during the year. Ashraf believes that although these students come to know Christ, the most important part is that they are trained in leadership so they can facilitate more gospel learning as they return to their homes.

Chris and Francelia McReynolds (The Antioch Partners, Mexico)

Chris and Francelia McReynolds live in Mexico City. Their ministry focus is capacity-building in Christian education and discipleship through the AMO® Program in Mexico, as they work with children and their parents, as well as teachers. Their calling is to equip adults with biblical principles so they can more effectively nurture the image of God in each child. The McReynolds use the AMO® Program, published by Chrysalis International, to equip parents and church leaders with a Christian mindset to disciple children through biblical, Christian education that teaches the whole child. Beyond children and their parents, teachers are trained, who then become trainers; a process which facilitates growth of local leaders and the AMO® program in Mexico.

Prayer Guide for Mexico and South Texas

Map of Mexico and South Texas Partners

Cristina Inchaustegui (The Antioch Partners, Dominican Republic)


Cristina and her husband, Alfonso, live in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. After a two-year mentoring process, Cristina became an AMO® missionary trainer with Chrysalis International traveling throughout the Spanish-speaking world to teach and disciple teachers, parents, and pastors in Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Honduras, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Haiti and her own nation. In 2014 she became Regional Director of the AMO® Program in Latin America and the Caribbean. For the past three years, she has been networking with many NGOs, churches, ministries, and schools to equip thousands of leaders and educators with a biblical, Christian worldview of education that teaches both adults and children how to think and reason with the revelation of God’s Word. FPC’s partnership with Christina focuses on the AMO® program in Elias Piña, in the Dominican Republic. In 2018-2019, AMO® was invited to implement the classic literature units in public school extended schedule in Elias Piña. They will start with 5 of the 57 schools in this province, close to Haiti’s border, with prayerful vision to expand these programs.

Paul and Molli Williams (Josiah Venture, Czech Republic)


Josiah Venture’s (JV) vision is a movement of God among the youth of Central and Eastern Europe that finds its home in the local church and transforms society. JV’s sole purpose is to share the good news of the saving hope of Jesus Christ and to make disciples who make disciples. JV positions itself on the “highways” where youth are traveling, such as music, school, sports and language in order to evangelize, disciple and raise future leaders for the Kingdom. Over 350 JV missionaries serve in these areas of ministry in 16 countries on the front lines of reaching these unreached youth. Paul is a part of the executive leadership team that directs the strategic direction of the organization while Molli will continue to be a leader in discipleship of missionary families, new believers, and her Czech neighbors.

Steve and Barbara Johnson (YWAM, Hungary)


Steve Johnson serves as the Base Director for YWAM’s ministry in Budapest, Hungary where he is responsible for the ministries of all the YWAM teams that serve the city. These teams are made up of 14 full-time missionaries from 9 different nations. The ministry work that YWAM Hungary participates in is varied and includes street evangelism, feeding the homeless, serving refugees, a discipleship training school, a coffee house, Alpha course, and supporting other kinds of ministries initiated by local Hungarian leaders and churches. In addition to all of this work, the Johnson’s own a large apartment house, which Barbara manages, where some of the staff resides. This is also where students and visiting outreach teams are able to stay.

Ministry Organizations:

Biblicus Mexico Scholarships (Mexico)

FPC Contacts: Kathy Scruggs (kathyscruggs@me.com)

Cassie McMillan (cassiehagaer39@gmail.com)

Biblicus Mexico is a project of the First Presbyterian Church of San Antonio, Texas, founded to strengthen the Presbyterian Church of Mexico and South Texas through prayer, networking, and scholarship. First Presbyterian Church partners with local Mexican churches, and seminaries in Mexico and North America to empower young leaders in the Mexican Church. As students work to complete their studies and grow in vision for ministry, they are connected with a mentor and prayer partner to care for and encourage them.

Prayer Guide for Mexico and South Texas

Map of Mexico and South Texas Partners

The Antioch Partners (Worldwide)


The Antioch Partners (TAP) was created as an alliance of Frontier Fellowship and The Outreach Foundation to enable an expansion of ministry opportunities for Presbyterians. They are a missionary sending organization, serving local Presbyterian congregations in the US in the assessment, training, sending and support and care of long-term, cross-cultural missionaries. TAP currently has 60 partners (missionaries) serving all over the world. The two key sending priorities are working among unreached/least-reached people groups and building capacity in the global church.

College of Theology and Social Sciences (WSTS, Warsaw, Poland)

Website: college.wsts.edu.pl/

FPC Contact: Aaron and Irina Villastrigo (irina4727@hotmail.com)

First Presbyterian Church has the honor to partner with the Warsaw College of Theology and Social Sciences (WSTS) to educate, equip, and empower the next generation of leaders in the Reformed Church. FPC partners with WSTS through the Reformed Theology track in the International Program. This program is equipping students across the globe as they grow in vision for ministry! In addition, WSTS has developed a trauma counseling center to support refugees in their journey out of trauma and guide them to trust and hope in God. They are working to provide a free training course preparing 100 Ukrainian professionals to be trained as trauma helpers. The need is great in Poland and in the region for Christian trauma counseling.

Food For The Hungry (Dominican Republic)


FPC Contact: Carrie Everson

Food for the Hungry is a Christian humanitarian organization ending all forms of human poverty by providing life-changing development programs, disaster relief, and advocacy. Since 1971, Food for the Hungry has been going into the world’s hardest places with an exit strategy: to respond to human suffering and graduate communities of extreme poverty into self-sustainability, all within a decade. By creating context-specific solutions in education, agriculture, health, livelihood, clean water, and disaster risk reduction, the nonprofit focuses on transformational development, investing in children as the key to lift entire communities out of poverty. With 98% of staff working in their country of origin, Food for the Hungry works side-by-side with local leaders, churches, and families to implement innovative solutions. The organization currently serves more than 14 million people in over 20 countries worldwide.

Frontier Fellowship


Frontier Fellowship traces its beginnings back to a kitchen table in Portland, Oregon, in 1981. It was there missiologist Ralph Winter, pioneer of the unreached people groups movement, shared his vision to revive a frontier missions focus within the United Presbyterian Church with Harold Kurtz, longtime missionary in Southwest Ethiopia. They began under Harold’s leadership as United Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship and were later renamed Presbyterian Frontier Fellowship.

As the organization developed over the years, God challenged them to take our ministry further in denominational and generational focus, wider in geographical scope and deeper in their understanding of frontier mission. Today they are known as Frontier Fellowship, continuing to look toward the frontier where the Good News of Jesus has yet to find expression. They believe His message is for everyone, and each person deserves the opportunity to hear the Gospel in the context of his or her language and culture.

To that end, Frontier Fellowship is committed to their call to engage the Church—inviting, educating, inspiring, gathering and equipping followers of Jesus to embrace their God-given roles in making His name known among every nation, tribe, people and language.

International Justice Mission (Dominican Republic)


The International Justice Mission (IJM) is a human rights organization that leverages the skills of criminal justice professionals to protect the poor from violent oppression all over the world. Their vision is to rescue thousands, protect millions, and prove that justice for the poor is possible. Such injustices include trafficking, slavery, theft, abuse of power, and citizenship rights about. They work with local law enforcement, justice systems, and agencies to rescue victims, care for them, and provide training to address trafficking in communities across the world. FPC’s partnership is focused in the Dominican Republic, where an office was launched in 2013. Since that time, IJM has been able to rescue more than 120 children and women from trafficking.

Living Waters for the World



Living Waters for the World trains volunteer mission teams to partner with international communities and teach them to install and maintain water purification systems that make their contaminated water safe to drink. Mission teams also help the communities implement health education programs emphasizing the importance of hand-washing. Over 1,075 water partnerships have been formed since 1993. First Presbyterian Church partners with Living Waters for the World in the Yucatan through a clean water installation.

Mission India (India)


Mission India partners with more than 1,500 Indian churches and indigenous ministries to train and equip local believers, to share the Gospel, disciple new believers, and plant new worshiping groups. The core ministries include church planter training, the adult literacy program, and children’s Bible clubs. One hundred percent of MI’s ministry partners in India are Indian nationals. As indigenous Christians are trained, they receive tools and materials they need to plant and reproduce vibrant churches in their areas.

The Outreach Foundation (Worldwide)


The Outreach Foundation works to connect Presbyterians to build the church’s capacity to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ by helping the church live out its missional calling, building the capacity of the global church, and transforming lives through mission involvement. Though the Foundation works all over the world, FPC’s specific partnership lies in Iraq and Syria. A Mission Consultant in the Middle East works to build partnerships between the churches in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Jordan and The Outreach Foundation. These partnerships help to strengthen the church in the Middle East and bring vital education, Bible sharing, and outreach to the region.

Pars Theological Centre


Pars Theological Centre exists to equip and mobilize the Iranian church by training a new generation of servant leaders to lead the church and transform the Persian-speaking world for the glory of God. Pars equips and mobilizes a new generation of biblically grounded, theologically informed, and spiritually mature servant leaders who work to lead the church into loving God and one another. In addition to training, Pars provides a variety of resources, including care and mentoring. Pars is a new Global Ministry Partner in the ECO Denomination.

RPC Haiti (Haiti)


RPC Haiti is a church-planting, church-maturing, and church-multiplying mission; seeking to obey the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20). They work to build the Church through preaching and teaching the Word of God. They focus on reaching unbelievers through evangelism, walking with believers in discipleship, and raising up leaders as the church grows. In addition, Pastor Delfils has begun to meet with several other churches with the goal to form a Presbytery in 2019. Pastor Delfils and Pastor Hopp share in pastoral responsibilities at RPC Haiti, as well as several church plants in Haiti.

Pastor Delfils February 2021 Visit from Haiti

We welcomed Pastor Delfils from RPC Haiti the weekend of February 21, 2021 and he blessed us through his teaching and inspired us with news of his mission and church.

Uganda Partnerships




FPC Contacts: Ellen Meadows (e.meadows@att.net)

Mike Meadows (m_j_meadows@yahoo.com)

First Presbyterian Church is partnering with several ministry partners in the work of holistic restoration in Uganda.

Operation Uganda is a faith-based non-profit that has been working in Uganda since 2005. They rescue and care for orphaned and vulnerable children, and work to create sustainable community development projects in Uganda. Operation Uganda provides educational scholarships for children, and educates community members with skills and business training, and has recently built a primary school and early childhood center. In addition to community development, Operation Uganda plants and supports churches and pastors in the country, helping to fulfill the Great Commission.

EMI International is a Christian non-profit made up of architects, engineers, surveyors, and construction managers. Since 1982, their worldwide mission is to develop people, design structures, and construct facilities which serve communities and the church. In addition to serving communities through the work of development, EMI Uganda also focuses on discipleship among the staff and volunteers, and in the community, through the local Church.

In Uganda, more than 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys experience sexual violence. Resources for children seeking support are limited and too costly to pursue. Children experiencing sexual violence are often silenced or shamed by their communities.
Founded by a survivor of SVAC, Rescue One More is on a mission to change this. Working in collaboration with local leaders, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and the Church, Rescue One More sets survivors on a pathway to safety, justice, and healing while working to bring an end to SVAC once and for all.

World Vision (Malawi, Africa)


World Vision began working in Malawi in 1982 with community infrastructure projects including schools and water systems. By 1992, World Vision had established longer-term community-based area development programs, and is now helping close to one-million people. Currently, World Vision is working with communities in 26 districts through 44 long-term Area Development Programs. FPC’s partnership is in the Mutendere ADP and focuses largely on water systems, schools, a medical clinic, and assisting families with education to begin and grow small businesses, grow food, and care for livestock/animals that provide for various needs in the villages. Through these projects Christ’s love is shown and children are able to learn about the Bible in schools, and share that news with their families and friends. Over 125 FPC Covenant Partners began sponsoring children in the Mutendere ADP which is scheduled to close in September or 2019. Through FPC’s support and partnership, and the Lord’s faithfulness, the Mutendere ADP has been able to provide clean drinking water, provided avenues for healthcare, education, food security, and more for these communities!

YPM (Mexico)


YPM is empowered by God to seek to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit, in service, fellowship, witness and worship, and to meet the needs of the underserved Mayan people of the region. YPM partners with churches and Presbyteries in the USA and in Mexico to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and to make Jesus visible by assisting with the construction of churches and schools, providing medical care, building a secondary school in Leona Vicario for indigenous Maya children who cannot afford to go to the cities to continue their education after primary school, and offering and providing for a variety of cross-cultural exchanges with the local people. YPM has also built a University for the villagers, and offers degree programs in education, law, and business. As relationships are built with villagers through education and medical care, churches and volunteer teams can share the good news of Christ.


To learn more about these missionaries or ministries, or to find out more about how you can connect globally, contact Lindsay Selli or Mitchell Moore.

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Uganda – June 13-24, 2024

This team will connect and serve with FPC Global Mission Partners: Operation Uganda, EMI, and Rescue One More.

For more information or to apply, please contact:

Yucatan, Mexico Mission Trip: July 13-20, 2024

Serve with The Yucatan Peninsula Mission (YPM) and Armor Ministries in Quintana Roo in Leona Vicario, Mexico. Share the hope of the gospel through construction projects, after-school VBS, sports ministry, and participating in worship at a local church.

Summer 2024 Mission Mentorships

Do you feel that God might be inviting you into exploring how to use your gifts in cross-cultural missions service? If so, we’d love to connect you with summer mentorship/internship opportunities through:

Please contact Lindsay Selli for more information!

YWAM North Africa – March, 2024

YWAM North Africa shared some great celebrations for the ways God is at work in their ministry! Please join in giving thanks to the Lord and praying for their continuing work through the updates below:

  • 28 participants completed training for North African leaders who work with kids and youth groups. They provided a Bible study training, and as a result, many new Bible study groups have formed.
  • Through two Discipleship Training Schools for another country in North Africa, two local students will be staffing another DTS in the fall. Praise the Lord for multiplying disciple-making leadership!!
  • Please pray for God to open the right doors, and to give wisdom, as the YWAM North African Leadership meets in a conference for building synergy and connections at a conference for partnership in the region.

For more information about this Global Mission Partner, please contact Lindsay Selli at lindsays@fpcsat.org.

Mission Trip Final Update: Uganda

(June 21, 2024)

After breakfast with the R1M staff, we participated in another icebreaker to deepen our connections with each other. Kathy then guided us through the hand prayer and led a meditation on Psalm 23, encouraging us to reflect on how God was speaking to us through the Scripture. Following lunch, there was free time for us to rest, swim, read, and play games.

That evening, we gathered by Lake Victoria under the light of a beautiful full moon for a bonfire. A local worship leader led us in songs of praise. Wink then spoke about the importance of surrendering to God. We each wrote down what Jesus had revealed to us that we needed to surrender and threw these notes into the fire. It was a moving and symbolic way to end the day.

Sunday morning marked our final time with the staff. Several staff members shared how impactful it was to be warmly welcomed by the team at the hotel—a role reversal from their usual experience of greeting incoming teams. Others expressed how the bonfire helped them let go of anxieties and burdens that had been weighing them down. One staff member shared that although it was initially hard to relax, as she is never alone, she felt rejuvenated and ready to return to her roles as an employee, wife, mother, and social worker. It was a joy to serve this dedicated staff, who work tirelessly in the challenging field of sexual abuse, and to hear how God had worked in their hearts during the retreat.

Mission Trip Update #5: Uganda

(June 20, 2024)


We packed up and headed to the Rescue One More (R1M) safe house. This ministry provides a pathway to safety, justice, and healing for children who have experienced sexual violence. Unsure of what to expect given the trauma these girls have faced, we were overjoyed to be greeted with hugs, smiles, and great joy as we walked through the gate—a true testament to the transformative work God is doing through R1M.

Upon arrival, we met Jane in her office. She provides six months of counseling to each girl, utilizing art and play therapy, among other methods. During our tour of the house, the girls were enthusiastic to show us where they sleep.

We then heard from Sarah Lambie, who shared the inspiring story of how the ministry began in 2021. Vanessa, who is Scott and Sarah’s Ugandan daughter, wanted to support girls who had endured similar situations to hers.

Staff members briefed us on their various teams, such as the Community Action Team. This team collaborates with prosecutors, social workers, Child Protective Services (CPS), doctors, psychologists, and other professionals to bring justice to the perpetrators. To date, they have rescued over 100 children and facilitated more than 200 arrests. Additionally, they offer prevention and awareness training in schools and communities.

Currently, there are 20 girls aged 5 to 14 living in the Kampala safe house. The girls typically stay for a year, and if reunification with their families isn’t possible, the ministry seeks other family members who can take them in.

The girls treated us to a special performance that included a skit about forgiveness, a dance, and a fashion show featuring items they had made. With the help of five sewing machines and a skilled instructor, the girls create hats, purses, sandals, jewelry, and backpacks. One brave girl also shared her testimony with us.

Kathy captivated the girls with a story about the Good Shepherd and the lost sheep. We bonded with the girls through crafts, games, and shared meals. It was an incredible and heartwarming experience to see them enjoying the activities despite their challenging circumstances.

Mission Trip Update #4: Uganda

(June 20, 2024)


Today was our final day with Operation Uganda (OU), an experience we were all sad to see end. We arrived at the daycare as the children were sitting down to their breakfast of hot tea and a little doughnut.

Next, we visited a local primary school and met with the headmaster in his office. He wanted to greet us and thank us for our participation with OU. The school and OU have been in partnership for many years, and the sponsored children attend school there. Recently, OU renovated four classrooms, and we were able to see one of them. They were painted, had additional windows installed, and were supplied with new desks for the students and the teacher.

As we walked around the school, we noticed many Bible verses displayed, and the school’s motto is “Work Hard and Fear God.” OU also runs a program for all the students that teaches them about values and purity. We heard from some of the students about what they had learned from the program.

We returned to the daycare for our last visit and helped feed the children. After the children left, we surprised the staff with KFC for lunch, which they love! It was a great way to celebrate this caring and dedicated staff who share the love of Jesus daily with the students and the community. Our day concluded with a visit to a local crafts market and a cultural show that was amazing; it featured singing and dancing from different Ugandan tribes.

Mission Trip Update #3: Uganda

(June 19, 2024)


Another glorious day in Kampala. We took all the donated books and Bibles to the daycare and they were blown away by the amount. OU opens up their library to other schools who don’t have one so the books will be read by many children. OU also runs programs for older students so we visited a secondary school (high school) to hear from students in the Shine (for girls) and Strength (for boys) programs. Every one of the 1,500 students goes through this Christian-based curriculum. In the Shine program, girls spoke about being valuable, one of a kind, fearfully and wonderfully made, and how much God loves them. The boys also spoke about what they had learned from the Strength program. It was beautiful and amazing that these young people are able to hear and learn these truths in a public school. We ended the day serving the daycare students lunch, eating lunch with the staff, putting on workshops staff could attend, and ended with afternoon tea.

Mission Trip Update #2: Uganda

(June 18, 2024)

We began our day moving around in small groups with the daycare children, at Operation Uganda, doing activities. We face painted, played with blocks, read stories, colored and played a little game of musical chairs. We then got to watch all of the children pray before we served them lunch (it was the cutest thing)! After we all finished lunch and the children were done with school for the day, our team had the opportunity to minister to the Operation Uganda staff. To say this moment of worship, prayer, and veneration was life changing would be an understatement! We finished our day with the typical afternoon tea.

Please enjoy the attached photos and video!

Mission Trip Update #1: Uganda

(June 17, 2024)

After a long 2 days of travel, we were ready to experience Uganda. And what anintroduction. We drove through the gates of the Operation Uganda (OU) Jordan House and were greeted by all the children in the daycare singing and dancing for us. It was amazing! We then got to meet the staff, eat lunch with them and hear the vision of why OU was started 19 years ago by Russell and Jenny Barton. After lunch, we went into the community where OU is located to meet with families and pray for them. We all came away blessed from these families who welcomed us into their homes and shared with us their hopes and dreams for their children or grandchildren. We also witnessed the great love and care that the staff has for these families. Thanks be to God!

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Mission Trip Update: Dominican Republic

(June 6, 2024)

Wow! We’ve done a lot in the past 24 hours on the DR mission trip! First off, yesterday afternoon we did VBS with the kids in the community of El Cercadillo. It was so great to see all the kids’ smiling faces as we played games and did dances with them. Then to see them so eager to learn the story of Jesus walking on water. They then made a craft to represent the story. It was the sweetest thing when one of the kids was so excited to show his mom the craft they did. It really showed how the Lord was working through these kids in the community to spread his word and have a better relationship with him.

We then had a delicious dinner of salami, sausage, mofongo, and yucca. After that, the debrief meeting was great. People talked about how they saw the Lord working through the kids at VBS, God sightings, and much more.

After the debrief, we played some more with the kids and I noticed something amazing about them. These kids live in a community where they don’t have much. They don’t have air conditioning, running water, or other luxurious things that we take for granted. But they always look on the bright side and have a very welcoming community. Their happy, smiling faces show how grateful they are for the things that they have and don’t just focus on the bad things, but instead on the good. They have something that our society in San Antonio, Texas don’t have. We have it much better than them and still focus on the things we don’t have. I can truly see the Lord working through this community in that way.

This morning at devo, we read from Matthew 6:19-34. It talked about how we always are focused on things besides Jesus, like money and clothes. Somebody also brought up that they struggle with comparison and Jesus said that we just need to be ourselves and not compare ourselves to others. And that made me think about what I was talking about earlier and how the kids and the rest of the people in the community don’t care too much about clothes or money, or other things that distract us from Jesus. Hopefully that helps them be closer to the Lord. We then had an amazing breakfast of pancakes with fresh fruit.

After that, we played football, kickball, and baseball with some of the kids at the field and I still could see the Lord working through them as the kids were having fun playing with the materials that they’ve only had for a year but even before that they just played with things they could find in the neighborhood and that again shows how grateful they are for what they have and don’t focus on what they don’t have. They realize that they have each other in the community and that’s enough.

We then had a magnificent lunch of corn, beef, chicken, and potatoes in some broth. After lunch, we just spent some more time with the kids.  This has been a great trip so far and I’m definitely coming back next year.

Stay tuned for more updates from the field!

Mission Trip Update: Dominican Republic

(June 5, 2024)

“Que lo que” (Dominican for “what’s up”) from the Dominican Republic!


Wow! The last twenty-four hours has been nothing short of heaven on Earth. Despite spending most of our day yesterday under the rooftops of our home from rain, our First Presbyterian and Dominican brothers and sisters in Christ, were able to learn about the classic story of David vs. Goliath through VBS. Several members of our FPC family came together to re-enact the skit on the outside patio of our home, giving the community of El Cercadillo a first-hand reminder that “the victory belongs to the Lord”! The monsoon of rain that we experienced was as if God was giving us all a life lesson to have faith in Him, like David, to conquer the Goliath of weather that we needed to endure.

After learning about the importance of having faith in Christ, the children of El Cercadillo were given the opportunity to individually design crowns to put on their head. The smiles and joyful radiance that the children displayed on their faces as their finished crowns were placed on their heads, provided a foreshadowing of the glory and love that we will experience as sons and daughters in Heaven under Christ’s rule.

During the evening, as the rain began to subside, we were given the opportunity to take the children of the community to a local nearby field; only a short five-minute walk away. As we strolled through the puddles on the dirt roads of El Cercadillo, we were met by motorcyclists riding past us, neighbors greeting us outside of their homes, and a group of men playing a game of pool outside at a local hangout spot. When we reached the field, I was in awe as the green vegetation and mountains of El Cercadillo were seen in the backdrop of the field. The field was in between three to four houses. The field was an abandoned, overgrown baseball field, complete with two horses grazing on it. The children ran across the field playing soccer, volleyball, and any other creative games that they could play with our FPC team.  It was a joyful bliss for everyone who was there having fun. The evening ended with everyone coming home to a delicious Dominican dish called “Pigeon Soup”. The dish contained pork, beans, and Dominican pumpkins mixed with rice. The meal was very delicious.

At the start of today, we began the morning with Pedro Kelly, a Food for the Hungry translator and talented musician, playing the worship song, “Breathe” (“This is the Air I Breathe”). We then dove into the scriptures of Isaiah 58, discussing the meaning of what true fasting appears like today. Afterwards, we made home visits to local neighbors in the community, getting to know the neighbors in the community, and prayed for them. We later assisted with the construction of a water well in the community by laying dirt, helping mix concrete, and having fellowship with the workers in the community. I don’t know what tomorrow brings but the Lord will provide for our team.

(June 4, 2024)

When we woke up, it was either from the pitter-patter of the rain, the long, continuous rumble of the thunder, or similarly, a very loud snore. Devotional was constantly interrupted by the water hitting the roof, leading to the split of smaller groups. Despite this change, conversations remained fruitful as we discussed what it means to be poor in the world yet rich in spirit. In fact, several members of the group shared their own testimonies of hardships they encountered and how, through God’s generosity, saw their needs and provided for.  After devo, we ate a very hearty breakfast which consisted of oatmeal and fruit. As we were getting ready for house visits, we were hit with the news that we may not be able to do house visits. It was raining SO hard that we all had to stay inside and watch the streets flood with red tinted water, props to the dirt. Nevertheless, we kept ourselves busy playing cards, hand games, making bracelets and of course, getting to know each other even better. This is a prime example of our group facing an unexpected challenge and making the most of it. Though we don’t know what God has in store for us, He will strengthen and empower us to be in the exact place He meant for us. With the day filled with challenges, we were able to turn our faces to God and he then gave us the wisdom and strength we needed.

Stay tuned for more updates from the field!

(June 3, 2024)

As we embarked on our journey very early Saturday morning, it is safe to say many of us were filled with nervous jitters. I wondered about what the community would be like, and I even began to question whether I was qualified enough to spread God’s Word here. However, on Sunday morning I was overwhelmed with the presence of God during worship at the Church service the team and I attended. I truly believe God brought each one of us here for a reason, and I am positive His hand was on the team when we arrived and will remain steadfast throughout our time here in the Dominican Republic. God is the Creator of everything around us, and to think about how deep His unconditional love for us is awe-inspiring. Furthermore, it is a beautiful thing to witness the fellowship God provides for us which we are all experiencing through the warm welcomes from the people here in El Cercadillo. From the very first hour we arrived, people’s kindness glowed radiantly upon us. Though there are some language barriers, God’s love overcomes them through the many shared smiles and laughs present here. Building relationships with the people in the Dominican Republic as well as learning about their culture has been such a blessing, and I fully trust God will continue to grow all of us through our relationships with one another.

Stay tuned for more updates from the field!

Mission Trip Update: Yucatan Peninsula

(May 28, 2024)

Greetings from the Yucatan Peninsula! Our incredible journey with the students from Young Life and the dedicated team at Yucatan Peninsula Ministry (YPM) continues to unfold in remarkable ways.

Today, despite the sweltering heat of 40°C (104°F), our team displayed unwavering resilience and commitment to our mission. Here’s a snapshot of our achievements:

Project Progress:

  • Rods for Bathroom Columns: We successfully built 4 sets of rods with Armex for the bathroom columns, laying a solid foundation for the structure.
  • Land Cleanup: Several team members took on the ardent task of cleaning the land, collecting 4 bags of garbage to keep our project site and surrounding community clean.
  • Column Bases Cast: With precision and teamwork, we cast the bases of the columns, ensuring they are sturdy and ready for the next steps.
  • Block Base Placement: By the end of the day, we placed the block base, setting the stage for wall construction to begin tomorrow.

Community Connection:

Beyond the hard work, we also experienced a spiritual high as we worshipped together with YPM and the local community. These moments of faith and unity remind us why we are here – to build not just structures, but relationships and hope.

Stay Engaged:

We invite you to stay connected with our journey. Visit our website for the latest updates and specific prayer needs from our teams throughout the summer. Your prayers and support are crucial to our mission’s success.

**Good job, team! Let’s continue to push forward together, building more than just walls but a stronger, united community!**

Stay tuned for more updates from the field!


Mission Trip Updates: Pray for our teams this summer!

(May – August, 2024)

We are excited for the opportunity to send teams into cross-cultural serving opportunities this summer! As they prepare, serve, and return this summer, we invite you to pray for them and the communities they will serve. We will look forward to sharing updates from the teams as they serve this summer, and have several prayer requests to share below.

  • Pray that students who hear the gospel this summer would receive it and respond.
  • Pray for travel, logistics, provision, and protection for each of these teams and individuals.
  • Pray that God would be honored and glorified through each person’s work this summer.
  • Pray that ministry partners would be fueled and encouraged through times of rest and care.
  • Pray for reliance on and direction from the Holy Spirit through these cross-cultural service opportunities.
  • Pray for wisdom, courage, and opportunity to share in spiritual conversations.
  • Pray for these opportunities to shape growing vision for missional living after these trips return.

Mission Trip Updates: Dominican Republic Team

(June 3 – 10, 2023)

June 12, 2023: DR Trip Thank You!

June 8, 2023: DR Update

June 6, 2023: DR Update