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Baptism and the Lord’s Supper



First Presbyterian recognizes all baptisms with water administered by other Christian churches in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Baptism is received only once; however, there are many times in worship when believers acknowledge the grace of God continually at work. As they participate in the celebration of another’s baptism, as they experience the sustaining nurture of the Lord’s Supper, and as they reaffirm the commitments made at baptism, they confess their ongoing need of God’s grace and pledge anew their obedience to God’s covenant in Christ.

  • Individuals may request that a particular pastor officiate at a baptism. We require that there be instruction received before a baptism takes place.
  • To schedule a baptism, or for more information about infant, child, or adult baptisms, contact Heather Beltrame (heatherb@fpcsat.org.)

Adult Baptisms

Download Adult Baptism Request Form
  • Adults desiring to be baptized do not need to attend a Baptism Seminar.
  • Adults are baptized after they complete the Covenant Partner Classes.
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Infant/Child Baptisms

Download Infant/Child Baptism Request Form
  • Families must attend a mandatory baptism seminar before the baptism of their child.
  • One parent or grandparent of the child to be baptized must be a Covenant Partner (member) of FPC. If the grandparent is the Covenant Partner, the parents still need to attend the baptism seminar.
  • Families may schedule a baptism at any time so long as the chosen date falls after the seminar.
  • If a family cannot attend a baptism seminar, they must wait until the next one offered and adjust their baptism date to after that seminar.
  • Families who have already attended the baptism seminar for a previous child are not required to attend again.
  • If a family has had a child baptized in another church, but not at FPC San Antonio, they will need to attend the baptism seminar before their current child’s baptism.

Upcoming Baptism Seminars

The baptism seminar (9:30 am – 10:30 am) is mandatory for parents of infants who are to be baptized. Those who have completed the orientation within the last 3 years are exempt from attending, though still welcome. Childcare is available by request.

2024 Dates: April 28, June 2, September 8
2025 Dates: January 12, April 6

The Lord’s Supper

When is the Lord’s Supper Celebrated at FPC?

The Lord’s Supper is celebrated at all worship services the first Sunday of each month, as well as special services on Ash Wednesday and Maundy Thursday. Typically, First Pres offers a communion worship service on Christmas Eve as well.

World Communion Sunday is the first Sunday of October each year. On this day, the Lord’s Supper is celebrated in all worship services at First Presbyterian Church San Antonio and around the world.