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Join Us in Loving and Serving Those in Our Community and Around the World

Mission work is not for just anyone, it is for everyone! You have been specifically, strategically, and purposefully designed to make Jesus visible locally and around the world. Through participating in the world Christian movement, every believer can find a way to live with vital significance in God’s global purpose. Identify and eliminate anything getting in the way of your ability to share your own story of redemption with others. Being a missionary requires finding your own chapter within God’s larger story of love for all people and offering your life to others in a way that brings glory to God.

Our greatest resource as a church is not our finances, building, or programs. Our greatest resource is a gift from God; it is the love of Jesus Christ within the people of our congregation. Because God desires for all people to know, love, and serve only Him, our church exists to make Jesus visible to our community and throughout the world. We demonstrate this not only in the way we worship, grow and serve in his name, but also in the way we work to transform our city, merge the biblical with the social Gospel, show spontaneous compassion to others, devote ourselves to service, and equip families to bond together in Christ. We are no longer living for ourselves and our own selfish desires. We are Loving Christ, Loving One Another, and Loving the City, in order that He may receive all glory and honor.

If you’d like to get involved in Local or Global Missions here at FPC, please let us know!

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Read Our 2021 Missions Celebration Report

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Rev. A. Mitchell Moore : Associate Pastor for Young Adults and Missions

Rev. A. Mitchell Moore

Associate Pastor for Young Adults and Missions

Mitchell brings a nearly 20-year career, having just served in Jakarta, Indonesia, with an Indonesian foundation that focuses on education and health care. His roles in Indonesia included spiritual oversight and development for the university system as Chaplain, Senior Executive Leadership, and Church planting.

Mitchell served as Assistant Pastor for Young Adults at Second Presbyterian Church in Memphis, TN, for five years and has been involved throughout his career in church mission activity through domestic and international partnerships. You may remember Mitchell as our Director of Youth Ministry right here at First Pres, 13 years ago! He graduated with an M.Div. from Covenant Theological Seminary in 2008.

Mitchell is passionate about advancing the Kingdom of Christ and is a gifted, expositional preacher who is urgent about mission, discipleship, and shepherding God’s people to flourish under the authority and power of God’s word.

He and his wife, Lisa, have four children: Lauren, Cora, Tucker, and Ben. The entire Moore family is excited to be re-connected with our FPC family!

Email: mitchellm@fpcsat.org
Phone: 210-271-2714
Lindsay Selli : Missions & Mobilization Associate

Lindsay Selli

Missions & Mobilization Associate

Email: lindsayb@fpcsat.org
Phone: 210-271-2758

Uganda Mission Trip:

Are you interested in an exciting global mission opportunity this summer?  Perhaps God is calling you to Africa from June 9-20, 2022!  Join us after worship on April 10, at 12:15 p.m. in the Geneva Room for quick information meeting about this opportunity to serve with our Global Ministry Partner, Operation Uganda. We are excited to learn more about how God is at work through this ministry as we serve with them this summer! Please contact Ellen Meadows (e.meadows@att.net) or sign up for the trip at https://bit.ly/FPC2Africa2022!

Spain Mission Trip:

June 24-July 2

A team will travel to South Spain to serve with FPC Global Mission Partner, YWAM North Africa. The  team will work with children and adults in a variety of ways, including VBS style activities and ESL Bible Study Lessons. They will also work to encourage and care for church leaders and refugees from the North African Region. Please contact Mitchell Moore (mitchellm@fpcsat.org) or Lindsay Selli (lindsays@fpcsat.org) for more details, and visit https://bit.ly/FPC2Spain2022 to sign up by April 30!


Pastor Delfils February 2021 Visit from Haiti

We welcomed Pastor Delfils from RPC Haiti the weekend of February 21, 2021 and he blessed us through his teaching and inspired us with news of his mission and church.

Pray for Missions

Please hold the local and global missions of the church in your prayers. 

Pray for Local Missions and our City

Pray for Global Missions and the World

by emailing your number to LindsayS@fpcsat.org, you will receive up to 3 updates a week, designed to empower your prayerful participation in God’s mission, as we pray together to the Lord of the harvest, for the harvest, and for laborers of the harvest.

Download the Prayer Guide

Learning on Mission

Learning on Mission is an opportunity to learn from FPC ministry partners. This initiative will educate you about what God is doing through our mission partners while equipping and empowering you to serve locally and globally.

This episode of Learning on Mission features a conversation with Andrew and Teri Adair (The Antioch Partners) to encourage us as we seek to learn more about what it looks like to live on mission in our daily context. Please watch the interview video and/or listen to the podcast. Share it with others as you engage in discussion and prayer for how the Lord is calling you to Live on Mission.

  • Small Group/Personal Reflection Questions:
    • As you think about your workplace, school, neighborhood, and/or family, how might the Lord be inviting you into mission?
    • What gifts has the Lord given you to serve in these places?
    • What might be holding you back from being present and available to share the gospel where God has called you now?
    • What are some steps you are encouraged to begin taking toward living on mission where the Lord has placed you?


This episode of Learning on Mission features a conversation to help us learn more about the Person and work of the Holy Spirit in our lives and throughout the global Church. Please watch the interview video and/or listen to the podcast, and share it with others as you engage in discussion and prayer.


  • Time stamps: (These will change as cuts are made)
    • The person and work of the Holy Spirit (14:22)
    • Revelation (32:05)
    • Sanctification (41:41)
  • Small Group Questions:
    • Why is unity so elusive in our culture today?
    • Where do you see the Church conforming to the pattern of this world in division?
    • How does our common identification in Christ compel us to be unified as the Body of Christ?
    • How does understanding the Holy Spirit as a Person of the Trinity shape how you understand your relationship with Him?

Thank you for joining us as we learn from our Global Mission Partners. Please contact missions@fpcsat.org to learn about serving opportunities or to connect with our ministry partners in Poland.

[wpspoiler name=”What is Islam?”]


The first episode, “What is Islam?” will help us begin to understand Islam while we are encouraged to pray for Muslims to know Jesus during Ramadan. Please watch the interview video and/or listen to the podcast, and share it with others as you engage in discussion and prayer.


Read through 1 John 4:7-21 and think about/discuss how you understand the three key points that were shared in this interview: God is love, personal relationship with God, and assurance of salvation.

How do these truths encourage as we consider building relationships with our Muslim neighbors?

  • How might the truth of grace versus works challenge you, and help you build bridges with Muslims?
  • What does hospitality mean to you, especially when thinking about our Muslim neighbors?

Thank you for joining us as we learn from our Global Mission Partners.

  • Please pray for the Muslim world through Ramadan (April 12-May 12). Prayer guides are available.
  • Please prayerfully consider a corridor to care for Muslims in San Antonio.
  • For more information about our ministry partners in the Muslim World, about 30-Day Prayer booklets, or ways to care for Muslims in our city, please contact missions@fpcsat.org