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New To FPC


Common Questions


“What are the church office hours?”

Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  The building is locked during Office Hours, however, press the doorbell to request access.

“Where do I park?”

When attending the church, park for free in the parking lot on Ave. E between McCullough Ave. and Fourth St., across from the church office entrance.

“Where’s your front door?”

On Sunday, most people enter the building through the church office entrance on Ave. E., although if attending the traditional worship service, one may enter the Sanctuary on N. Alamo St. The church lobby and Welcome Center are at the Ave. E entrance.

“What if I have a new address, phone number, or email address?”

For membership help contact Lisa Snow, 210-271-2760, lisas@fpcsat.org.

“How do I join the church?”

Those interested in joining FPC as a Covenant Partner (member) are required to attend the Discover/Know/Join FPC Program and then go before the Session to state their vows.  To register or for questions about joining, visit fpcsanantonio.org/join or contact Sheila Figueroa, sheilaf@fpcsat.org.



“What childcare is available?”

Visit fpcsanantonio.org/children or Contact Rebecca Sweet at rebeccas@fpcsat.org

“Whom should I contact when my baby is born?”

Contact Rebecca Sweet at rebeccas@fpcsat.org

“How do I arrange to have my child baptized?”

Contact Heather Beltrame, 210-271-2721, heatherb@fpcsat.org

“How do I get information about children’s ministry?”

Contact Rebecca Sweet at rebeccas@fpcsat.org

“How do I get information about the Early Childhood Center?”

Contact the Children’s Center Director, Laura Ortiz, 210-225-0960, laurao@fpcsat.org.  Click HERE to learn more about the Children’s Center



“How do I get information about middle school and high school ministry?”

Contact Kerri Napoli at kerrin@fpcsat.org or visit the youth area.

“How do I find out what is available for college & university students?”

Contact Ben Henderson at benh@fpcsat.org or 210-271-2794. You can also visit the University page on this website to learn more. [/wpspoiler]




“How do I get information about having my wedding at First Pres?”

Contact Rebecca Andujar, 210-271-2725, rebeccaa@fpcsat.org Learn more HERE



“Who do I contact if I have a prayer request?”

Call the Care and Concern Line for information about hospitalizations and prayer requests. This 24-hour line is updated as information is received and confirmed. Call 222-CARE to listen to the day’s message. Prayer requests and/or messages may be left on the line by pressing “2” after the recorded message begins.

“Who should I contact if there is a death in my family?”

Contact Lisa Snow, 210-271-2760, lisas@fpcsat.org, Scott Simpson, associate pastor for congregational care, 210-271-2798, scotts@fpcsat.org.

“Who do I call if a loved one is hospitalized?”

Contact Lisa Snow, 210-271-2760, lisas@fpcsat.org, or Scott Simpson, Associate Pastor for Congregational Care, 210-271-2798, scotts@fpcsat.org. If there is a need for a pastor in the event of an emergency that cannot wait until 8:30 a.m. the next morning, call 210-837-0228.



“How do I make a memorial donation to the church?”

Contact Janet Slayden, 210-271-2751, janets@fpcsat.org

“Who should I contact if I have a question about my faith commitment or donation?”

Contact Janet Slayden, 210-27102751, janets@fpcsat.org

“Who do I talk to with questions regarding the budget?”

Janet Slayden, 210-271-2751, janets@fpcsat.org


“Who do I ask about Sunday School Classes?”

Adults: Becky Prichard, 210-271-2759, beckyp@fpcsat.org
Young Adults and University: Carrie Everson, 210-271-2758, carriee@fpcsat.org; Alex Solorio, alexs@fpcsat.org
Children and Youth: Heather Beltrame, 210-271-2721, heatherb@fpcsat.org

“Who do I call if I want to go on a Mission Trip?”

Contact Mitchell Moore, 210-271-2714, mitchellm@fpcsat.org or Lindsay Selli, 210-271-2758, lindsays@fpcsat.org

“How do I join the Sanctuary Choir?”

Contact Tom Dooling, 210-271-2717, tomd@fpcsat.org

“How do I join the Modern Worship Service music team?”

Contact Callan Brown, callanb@fpcsat.org



“How do I obtain a sermon CD?”

Contact Hank Cherry, 210-226-0215, hankc@fpcsat.org