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Literature Circle

FPC Literature Circle

Literature Circle meets from September thru May the second Tuesday of each month at 1 PM in the McCullough Room. We have a half hour coffee social to greet the members & guests followed by a review of a book listed for that particular month. The reviewers are men & women interested in good Literature, ie teachers, pastors, church members & staff, authors, etc. Two copies of each book to be reviewed are available in the church library to read beforehand. The reviews have been video-taped each month due to COVID-19 & are available to view on the Literature website at www.fpcsanantonio.org/lit-circle. Masks are not mandatory at the meetings but are encouraged according to the latest situation. Men & women of all faiths are welcome & invited to attend. Officers are: Grace Close, Chair; Jane Warren, Treas.; Jane Blackburn, Hostess; Shelley Bass, Book Selection; Willie Willming, Publicity.

Upcoming Circle

Tuesday, February 8 | 1:00 PM | Westminster Hall

The FPC Literature Circle will meet Tuesday, February 8, 2022, in Westminster Hall when our FPC Communication Director, Hank Cherry, will present a Power Point presentation of the book, A STRANGER AMONG SAINTS, by Jonathan Mack.

The book relates the adventures of Stephen Hopkins, first as a shipwreck victim in 1609 on the ship, Sea Venture, off the coast of Bermuda on a voyage to Jamestown.  Hopkins eventually made it to Jamestown where he lived 6 yrs. before returning to England.  In 1620, he  signed on to the Mayflower, a ship of religious radicals which landed off Cape Cod. Life was difficult with disease and sickness along with trouble with the Indigenous Americans.  Hopkins became an essential leader from his past experiences in Jamestown and of which Hank will expand.

Men and women of all faiths are invited.  The social half hour begins at 1 PM followed by the review at 1:30 PM.

 2021 Book Reviews

May 2021 Book Review

April 2021 Review

March 2021 Review

March 2021 Review

February 2021 Review has been Rescheduled to March 19.

Video will be posted by Monday, March 22.

January 2021 Review

December 2020 Review

November 2020 Review

October 2020 Review

September 2020 Review of HOMER’S ODYSSEY by Gwen Cooper,
Reviewer: Jane Hansen

Date Book Image Book Name & Author Reviewer
September 14 Hamnet by Maggie O’Farrell

Martha Smith

October 12 Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson

Rev. Mitchell Moore

November 9 But He Doesn’t Know the Territory by Meredith Wilson

Bill Hensley

December 14 The Mystery of Mrs. Christie by Marie Benedict Martha Smith
January 11 The Resurrection of Fulgencio Ramirez by Rudy Ruiz Rudy Ruiz
February 8 A Stranger Among Saints by Jonathan Mack Hank Cherry
March 8 Princess by Jean Sasson Jane Hanson
April 12 Beneath a Scarlet Sky by Mark Sullivan Rev. Mark Doty, Phd.
May 10 The Exiles by Christina Baker Kline Ann Smith