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Local Missions

Local Missions

FPC San Antonio partners with a variety of local mission partners around the city. These partners focus on showing the love of Christ in a myriad of ways; providing food, shelter, and assistance to low-income or homeless individuals and families, assisting with building life-skills and care, building mentorships, planting church families, evangelism, and education.

Serve Locally

To find out how you can serve one of our local mission partners, contact Mitchell Moore (210-271-2726) or Lindsay Selli (210-271-2758)

Thursday, April 25 | 11:45 AM – 1:00 PM Guthrie-Bryant Chapel

Join us in a day of prayer and fasting for Local Missions on Thursday, April 25. Gather in the presence of the Lord to offer praise and petition for His ongoing work in renewing our city in and through our Local Mission Partners. The Guthrie-Bryant Chapel will be open from 11:45 AM to 1:00 PM for come-and-go prayer. Prayer guides will be available for those attending in person or praying remotely. Contact lindsays@fpcsat.org.

2021 Local Missions Prayer Guide

Meet Our Local Missions Partners


AWC Centers

www.awccenters.com/ julie.corbett@awccenters.com

FPC Contact: Julie Goudge

Any Women Can is a Christ – Centered ministry that provides a safe environment where women are empowered to make informed decisions regarding total sexual health, including unplanned pregnancy, based on the Truth of Jesus Christ. Any Woman Can was founded in 2013 with a mission to help pregnant women, especially those who are abortion vulnerable and who do not have access to healthcare. Over the past eight years, Any Woman Can has grown and is now able to offer pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, STI testing and treatment, and counseling all free of charge to our clients. All these programs are vital in getting clients from crisis to comeback.

Any Woman Can is a ministry partner in the Kingdom Restoration Lab at FPC. They are able to give clients healthcare and help they may not be able to afford. Women are able to see a picture of their baby and hear their heartbeat. People are able to get an STI test and treatment if needed. They also offer free counseling which takes healing even farther by supporting clients who are dealing with spiritual, mental, and emotional distress.

How We Can Help

  • Outreach Projects to spread awareness
  • Serve as a Client Advocate
Chosen Care

www.chosen.care / jenclord@chosen.care

FPC Contact: FPC Missions

Through the use of gospel-centered care practices backed by science, Chosen addresses the holistic needs of both children and their families. At the heart of our model of care is parent coaching, which prioritizes attachment and connection to create healing. Through coaching, trauma-informed education, therapy, and personalized case management, Chosen’s care managers do whatever is necessary to ensure families can thrive together.

The goal of Chosen is to ensure that families stay together, which means that adoptions are not dissolved, foster placements are not disrupted, and children stay with their biological families whenever possible. Since 2016, families who have gone through Chosen’s programs for 6 months or more have experienced zero dissolutions or disruptions.

The overarching vision of Chosen is to have every child thriving in a family. By prioritizing attachment and offering intensive case management using evidence-based methodologies, they are setting hurting children on a path of healing.

How We Can Help

  • Prayer support
  • Meeting practical needs for families
  • Providing transportation
FPC L.O.V.E Initiative and GrandFamilies

210-226-0215/email lindsays@fpcsat.org

FPC Contact: Molly Schluter

The FPC L.O.V.E. Initiative (Loving Orphans Via Everyone) sprung from a partnership with the South Texas Alliance for Orphans. This is a ministry dedicated to caring for foster families within the FPC congregation and equipping new foster parents. This ministry also seeks to show God’s love, care, and concern through GrandFamilies: grandparents in need as they raise their grandchildren; helping to establish a safe environment through relational, physical, and spiritual support during a time of transition.

How We Can Help

  • Sign up to provide meals for foster families within FPC 
  • Prayerfully discern the possibility of becoming a foster parent
  • Attend a training to become a babysitter for a foster family
  • Help with a Parent’s Night/Day Out at FPC
  • Become a hospital sitter
  • Serve with GrandFamilies (home repair projects, Interpreter, care)
  • Become a prayer partner
One by One Ministries

onebyoneusa.org /mprice@onebyoneusa.org

FPC Contact: Anne Scates

One by One Ministries is a faith based mentoring ministry to new and expectant moms in San Antonio. Their mission is to mentor and educate new moms to parent well. It is their hope that all moms will accept God’s love and parent well so that children thrive. They want all moms to know that God loves her, that she has value and worth, and that God has a plan for her life and the life of her baby. One by One can equip the local church to reach out to moms who are asking for help by supporting, educating, and connecting moms to your church and opening up the body of Christ to her family.

How We Can Help

  • Serve as a mentor to expectant and new moms. Mentors make an 18-month commitment to walk with a mom beginning prenatally and continuing until the baby’s first birthday.
  • Be a prayer partner for a mentor and mom.
  • Serve as an area coordinator to assist One by One staff with training and managing volunteers.
San Antonio Marriage Initiative (SAMI)


www.samarriage.org /sami.apanter@gmail.com

FPC Contact: Downie Mickler

The San Antonio Marriage Initiative (SAMI) seeks to lead and facilitate the marriage movement in the city. SAMI’s goal is to create a high level of trust, empowerment, and shared purpose around the common mission of strengthening marriages. They serve a multi-sector, multi-role approach, empowering people all across the community to each work in their highest and best role whether in the church, the workplace, the nonprofit world, and even in the family law system.

SAMI works to empower the restoration of family, by strategically investing in marriage, for the strengthening of communities and the glorification of God.

How We Can Help

  • Participate in the “Couples Story Workshop”
  • Advocate for healthy marriages through leading in marriage ministry at FPC
  • Participate in FPC Marriage Ministry as mentors with Merge Modified, or the Foundations Marriage Enrichment Class (contact mitchellm@fpcsat.org or lindsays@fpcsat.org for more information).
South Texas Alliance for Orphans (STAFO)

alliance4orphans.org / 210-216-6223

FPC Contact: Molly Schluter

The Alliance was created to fill the huge gap between the Biblical mandate to care for orphans and the state and local organizations that govern the foster/adopt process. They strive to impact the full foster care continuum from crisis pregnancy to aging out youth through prevention (slowing the flow of children needing to enter foster care through mentorships, meeting tangible needs and wrapping around birth families), capacity (raising up “more than Enough” Christian families, mentors and advocates for the children) and support (ensuring longevity for families that say “Yes” by wrapping a trained, trauma informed community around them). They work with churches to equip and encourage them in their foster/adopt ministries. Caring for children and families in the foster system and beyond solves root issues and positively impacts all social service areas including welfare, prison population, homelessness, teen pregnancy, domestic violence, and mental illness. The Alliance was founded on the strong knowledge that the orphan/foster crisis is solvable and they want God to get the glory through what His church does. The church, in turn, gets to show the children their identity in Christ.

How We Can Help

  • Host a Parent’s Night Out and spend an evening loving on children from hard places while their caregivers get a much needed break.
  • Support families within the FPC church body who are or have fostered/adopted through the FPC L.O.V.E. Initiative.
  • Become a certified babysitter (trainings available through FPC).


Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)


www.alamofca.org / toddjohnson@fpcsat.org

FPC Contact: Alex Solorio

In 1954, Don McClanen (Oklahoma) saw that the world was idolizing sports figures.  He thought that if athletes and coaches who were Christians could use their influence for Christ it could change the world. FCA San Antonio continues to work with the vision to see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes. They focus on evangelism and discipleship through Campus Huddles in the San Antonio area, where thousands of students and coaches are impacted each week.

How we can help

  • Serve as a Character Coach for a local team (high school/college)
  • Volunteer at a local school FCA chapter
  • Participate in mission trip opportunities
The Porch



The Porch Campus Ministry serves the students, faculty and staff at St. Philip’s College where they work to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ and to make disciples. The ministry engages faculty, staff and administration in vital and effective Christian gatherings, practices, growth, and service. The group provides several opportunities for dialogue about faith in an effort to learn about the beliefs and traditions of others within an atmosphere of respect and understanding. As they grow, they hope to be able to incorporate more educational seminars, panels, and worship opportunities.

How We Can Help

  • Prayers for the students who attend The Porch
  • Provide contacts and recommendations for presenters of messages and programs
San Antonio Youth for Christ

www.sayfc.com / donavanv@sayfc.com

FPC Contact: Laura Sasser

San Antonio Youth For Christ works to reach young people to raise lifelong followers of Jesus. They are uniquely positioned to be a bridge between the faith community, schools, and community organizations, using a collaborative community strategy. As YFC works with young people, they are committed to working with local community and faith-based organizations to offer them a continuum of services to promote healthy decision making that is led by godliness in lifestyle, devotion to prayer, and the Word of God.

How We Can Help

  • Participate as a prayer partner
  • Be a mentor for a young person
School Connect SA

www.schoolconnectsa.org / margaret@schoolconnectsa.org

FPC Contact: Melanie Chaney

School Connect was conceived by Pure Heart Church in Phoenix, AZ over ten years ago as a result of a community-wide effort to connect the faith community with public schools.  Currently, there are over 500 School Connect partnerships in Arizona.  School Connect is rapidly expanding to other cities throughout the country including, Lafayette, LA, Oklahoma City, OK, Modesto, CA and Philadelphia, PA.  San Antonio is the first city in the state of Texas!

School Connect helps build partnerships by engaging the entire community and collaborating with local leaders to adopt local schools. School Connect uses a simple, accessible model that works in every size school district and socioeconomic context. By providing a framework for principals to identify their school’s biggest needs, School Connect can facilitate community partnerships to address these needs and equip our local public schools to thrive.

How We Can Help

  • Pray for partner schools
  • Serve as a community liaison
  • Participation in Love Our Teacher month project
  • Back to school teacher appreciation lunches (early August)
  • Identify and coordinate Back to School supply drive with partner schools
  • Serve through classroom mentoring/reading buddies
Snack Pak 4 Kids SA

snackpak4kidssa.org/www.schoolconnectsa.org / jill@sp4ksa.org

FPC Contact: FPC Missions

In Bexar County alone, over 120,000 children are considered to be food insecure. Of those, it is estimated that 10-20% actually deal with chronic hunger (i.e. they lack adequate nutrition to lead a healthy, productive life). Although Federal Nutrition programs provide meals for students during the school week, weekends can be especially challenging for these children.

Snack Pak 4 Kids was created to provide weekend food supplements to students who are identified by their teachers, creating food SECURITY for them over the weekend.  With the support of partners, donors and volunteers of all ages, Snack Pak 4 Kids San Antonio works hard to be a learning enhancement tool for these kids, solving their weekend hunger issue so they can learn during the school week.

How We Can Help

  • volunteer to pack Snack Paks for classrooms each week.
  • Volunteer to help distribute Snack Paks to a teacher’s classroom each week.
SA East Young Life

saeastyl.younglife.org / eric8collins@gmail.com

FPC Contact: Ashley Quirk

Young Life is an evangelical urban ministry that focuses on teens who are marginalized academically, financially, and socially. San Antonio East Young Life began in 2006 as YoungLives when adult volunteers, concerned about the lives of teen moms and their babies began working with teen moms at the Healy Murphy Center in downtown San Antonio. YoungLives leaders later realized that there was a need to reach all students at Healy Murphy Center so Young Life  was started. Young Life ministry on the east side has now grown to include students at St. Phillips High School, St. Phillips College and non-parenting teens at Healy Murphy Center.  They meet at The Porch on the St. Phillips College campus.  These students share their lives with volunteer mentors, participate in fun activities and  learn of the life changing power of Jesus Christ. San Antonio East Young Life also provides opportunities to dig deeper into God’s Word through time on school campuses and through the highlight of the Young Life year at summer camp – a week away enjoying the beauty of God’s creation.

How We Can Help

  • Serve on the Young Life SA East Committee
  • Be a mentor
  • Provide meals in partnership with The Porch during weekly campus activities
  • Prayer
  • Assist with fundraising activities
  • Provide camp sponsorships
Young Life Alamo Heights

https://alamoheights.younglife.org / alamoheightsyounglife@gmail.com

FPC Contact: FPC Missions

Young Life Alamo Heights works to introduce adolescents to Jesus and helps them to grow in their faith at schools in the Alamo Heights area (Alamo Heights High School and Junior School, Trinity University, Capernaum (YL for students with disabilities), and Saint Mary’s Hall Middle and High Schools. They aim to reach lost, disinterested, unchurched teenagers with the gospel as well as to provide a place for those who do follow Jesus to serve. Young Life leaders walk onto campuses to meet kids where they are in hopes that they might hear and respond to the Gospel.

How we can help

  • Serve as a volunteer leader
  • Provide meals for meetings
  • Provide ranches or lake houses for retreats
  • Serve on the Adult Committee
YoungLives San Antonio

sanantonioyounglives.younglife.org/ christinabvia@gmail.com

FPC Contact: Sabrina Rios

More than 20 years ago, Young Life answered God’s call to run headfirst into the chaos of teenage motherhood with the hope of Jesus – and YoungLives was born and has never wavered from the original vision to read teen moms by entering their world, modeling the unconditional love of Christ and encouraging them to become the women and mothers God created them to be. San Antonio YoungLives has two primary goals:  To introduce the person of Jesus Christ to teen moms and to help them grow in their faith journey through mentorship and scripture study. YoungLives accomplishes this by first befriending teen moms and mentoring them.  Leaders are welcomed on school campuses, visiting with teen moms during lunch and parenting classes to get to know them and to invite them to club at FPC on Tuesday afternoons and early evening.  YoungLives is also welcomed at Seton Home as a spiritual part of their program.  These strong relationships help volunteers earn the right to share the gospel with their mentees.  The summer camp experience is a key element in offering students the plan of salvation.  Once this happens and a teen mom has accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior, they become part a community – believers who are delving deeper into their faith and into God’s Word.  In this way teen moms become Spirit dependent and receive Biblical education.

How We Can Help

  • Serve on the YoungLives Committee
  • Provide childcare during clubs, camp, or other activities
  • Provide meals during weekly clubs at the FPC Student Center
  • Serve as a mentor
  • Pray for teens, teen moms, and their babies
  • Attend fundraisers
  • Help fill the needs of campers (camper bags)


Christian Assistance Ministry (CAM)

www.christianassistanceministry.org / 210-223-6648

FPC Contact: Mary Lou Casey

The mission of Christian Assistance Ministry (CAM) is to share the love of Christ by providing immediate assistance and encouragement to people in crisis. CAM offers temporary assistance to individuals and families in crisis situations, alleviating the duplication of services by banding together to form one centrally located social service agency. 

How we can help

  • Volunteer weekly or on Saturday work days
    • Client Interviewer
    • Distribute clothes to clients
    • Organize the food pantry
  • Donate clothing and goods
  • Participate in volunteer opportunities for specific programs:
    • Back to School “adopt a child” program – adopt a child, help set up backpack distribution, or help hand out backpacks
    • Annual Christmas Shop – donate new toys, help set up the Christmas Shop, or help families shop for toys
Church Under the Bridge (CUB)


FPC Contact: Marti Seal

Birthed in 1996, Church Under the Bridge was an outdoor church ministry to the homeless in downtown San Antonio.   In 2011, they moved into a newly built church with a licensed commercial kitchen, dining room, and dental/medical office built and donated by 3 local businessmen.  Over the last 10 years, CUB has expanded to include other church services (worship, biblical education, prayer, etc.), social opportunities (art days, matinee movies, etc.), life skills, medical/dental clinics, veterinarian clinics for dogs, and care for basic needs (dinner meals 7 nights a week, clothing, hygiene, winter gear, and emergency shelter during severe cold). Their vision is to minister where the homeless and those who are broken can find hope and agape love, to live a life transformed by Jesus Christ.  To bridge individuals, churches, businesses, and community groups with opportunities to serve in mission and ministry outreach.

How we can help

  • Serve a meal
  • Organize a donation drive
  • Develop and offer educational or life skills forums
The GoodHood (Formerly SA Heals)

www.thegoodhood.org / 210-259-9931

FPC Contact: Marianne Ryan

The GoodHood (formerly SA Heals) is on a mission to fight poverty by creating opportunity on San Antonio’s Eastside. They are a ministry of presence, rooted in relationship, seeking to build a beloved community. The GoodHood’s ministry is relationship-based as they seek to educate, equip, and empower children to break the cycle of generational poverty that plagues the East Side. Their goal is to reach them before they have to be rescued with mentoring efforts, educational opportunities, and the love of Jesus.

How We Can Help

  • Volunteer and Attend Events: Affordable Christmas, Incredible Easter, Snow Day and We Live Here
  • Attend and Host one of the GOODHOOD Immersions
  • Reserve and Book the Slow Boogies Float trailer for events and outreach
  • Visit and cater with local partners (Tanks Pizza and Ballhoggs BBQ) and be part of the community
Haven for Hope

www.havenforhope.org / 210-860-5753

FPC Contact: Marian Brown

Haven for Hope offers a place of hope and new beginnings by providing, coordinating and delivering an efficient system of care for people experiencing homelessness in Bexar County. They partner with over 185 partner agencies to help provide over 300 comprehensive services directly on the campus to address barriers to self-sufficiency such as housing, lack of sustainable income through employment, medical care, food, legal services, mental health, substance abuse, child care, spiritual needs and much more.

How We Can Help

  • Serve at special events and projects
  • Provide Administrative Support
  • Client Interaction Service
  • Sorting Donations in the Campus Warehouse
  • Landscaping/Painting
  • Volunteer for Bingo or Movie Night
  • Help wash sleeping mats
Kingdom Restoration Collaborative (KRL)


FPC Contact: Elaine Bright

The KRL is located on the first floor at FPC. This is a space in which FPC is strategically partnering with faith based ministries to holistically care for our homeless and under-resourced neighbors. Partnerships with the SA Christian Hope Resource Center, CAM, Haven for Hope, AWC Centers, One by One, Life Restored SA, and YoungLives are providing resources, connections, and care to transform the lives of those who are struggling.

How We Can Help

  • Serve as a KRL Host
  • Donate items for the KRL Resource Room
  • Host a care or hygiene kit packing party
  • Volunteer to organize and re-stock shelves in the Resource Room
Life Restored San Antonio


FPC Contact: Teresa McCaleb

Life Restored of San Antonio (LRSA) is a new faith based, God breathed, non-profit organization, birthed out of a need to bring healing and wholeness to not only the direct victims of Human Sex Trafficking, but to the entire family as the entire family is affected. In addition to providing counselling, educational alternatives and addressing the physical and emotional needs, Life Restored want to provide a safe place where they can experience healing, regain their dignity, pride and self-respect. They want the entire family to see themselves as God sees them, beautiful and wonderfully made, knowing that they are worthy, and that God has a purpose for their lives.

Life Restored San Antonio is committed to kingdom work through collaborating in FPC’s Kingdom Restoration Lab. They are a Christ centered, gospel centered ministry, seeking to glorify God by bringing restorative health and wholeness to families throughout the city of San Antonio.

How We Can Help

  • Serve as a mentor
  • Join the prayer team
  • Provide Bibles
  • Adopt a family
  • Provide a meal for a family in crisis
  • Sponsor/teach classes (finance, healthy cooking, crafts)
  • Sponsor/Drive for field trips/events
  • Write notes of encouragement
  • Join the apprenticeship program if you own a business
National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI)

www.nami@nami-sat.org / 210-734-3349

FPC Contact: Don Test

NAMI is a grassroots mental health organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals, families and friends affected by mental illness. They are a self-help, support and advocacy organization helping those living with mental illnesses. Course offerings and support groups include the Family-to-Family Education Program, NAMI Basics, Peer-to-Peer, NAMI Connections Recovery Support Group, and various Faith-based and non-faith support groups around the city. NAMI works to bring education to the community as it is an essential part of understanding and coping with mental illness.

How We Can Help

  • Serve as a liaison for NAMI-SAT classes
  • Serve as an instructor for NAMI-SAT classes
  • Volunteer and participate as a NAMI Walk team member
  • Join the FPC Mental Health Committee to support local mental health activities
Pay It Forward

www.payitforwardsa.org / 210-212-2926

FPC Contact: John Durbin

Pay It Forward was founded in 2008 as Pay It Forward Ministries by a recovering alcoholic that saw the critical need for sponsored sober living in the Bexar County, San Antonio, Texas area. Through the Bridge program, PIF provides emergency move-in assistance for individuals to move into one of 57 partner community sober living homes and funds the first two weeks or residency. This allows clients time to find gainful employment and begin to achieve self-sufficiency. Additionally, the Next Right Step program is a sober living dormitory on the campus of Haven for Hope. They offer 61 beds for men and women to live with us for up to one year after they have completed treatment. Residents also have access to all other partners on campus ensuring that any barriers to self sufficiency can be addressed and overcome.

How We Can Help

  • Volunteer by giving of your time and talent as PIF continues to grow and serve more people in need of scholarship assistance and spiritual counseling.
  • Share your “circles of influence” so that PIF can convey their solution for recovery – Invite PIF to be a speaker at your Rotary Club, Sunday School Class, etc.
  • Lead as a board member
  • Help PIF to counsel and assist its residents. Invite residents to come participate within the church family.
  • Pray for residents, staff, and families for continued recovery, strength, guidance, protection, wisdom and health.
San Antonio Christian Dental Clinic, Inc. (SACDC)

www.sachristiandental.org / 210-220-2300

FPC Contact: Ben Young

SA Christian Dental Clinic was founded in 1979 by two members of FPC who recognized the urgent need for free dental care for low-income adults in San Antonio, and in 2010, the clinic moved onto the Haven for Hope campus. The Clinic has a two-fold mission: to provide charitable dental care to low-income and homeless Bexar County adults who might otherwise go without care, and to train and equip disadvantaged adults as Dental Assistants at no cost to participants. Their vision is a commitment to providing the highest quality of dental care and decreasing the gap in affordable, accessible dental care while demonstrating the loving nature of Christianity.

How We Can Help

  • Join the Board of Directors or Advisory Council
  • Volunteer as a dental professional
  • Volunteer for administrative support
  • Provide patient intake/discharge services
  • Provide dental care
SA Hope Center


FPC Contact: Elaine Bright

SAHC began in the 1980’s as a benevolence ministry of Oak Hills Church, became a 501c3 in 2001, and operated for over a decade as one of the city’s largest food pantries. Between 2012 and 2014, SAHC changed its mission and program focus to one founded upon best-practice principles of social work. SAHC became laser-focused on building relationships with those facing homelessness, hunger, crisis, joblessness, etc. with the goal of addressing the multiple barriers and empowering clients to become self-sufficient and holistically well. Today, SAHC operates in the KRL at FPC, SAHC’s main campus on N. General McMullen, and has expanded to 2 additional sites in partnership with other mission-driven organizations (Restore Education and Good Samaritan Community Services). SAHC has a staff of 24, hosts nearly 30 social work interns each year, and serves 4,600 individuals annually across all four locations.

SAHC’s mission is to love people well by empowering them to meet their needs through in-depth case management and wrap-around social services. Their vision is to eliminate generational poverty. They treat clients with dignity, build trust, provide best-practice services with excellence and efficiency, and love them to “wellness” holistically, including all areas of their life, from finances to mental, physical and spiritual health. SAHC simultaneously addresses basic needs and breaks down barriers critical to ending the cycle of poverty and homelessness.

How We Can Help

  • Assist at the front reception area
  • Pray with KRL Guests
  • Help one-on-one computer skills
  • Help with other program and administrative tasks
  • Serve in the client-choice pantry, clothing room, and hospitality
STCH Ministries (South Texas Children's Home


FPC Contact: FPC Missions

STCH Ministries is a faith-based, nonprofit organization that has been caring for children and families since 1952. They work to show the love of Christ to each and every child and family to whom they ministry. They do this by creating a culture where the needs of families are seen and met in creative and innovative ways. STCH provides for families and children through providing counseling services, homes, and other resources to care for children and families. STCH currently provides counseling services on the FPC Campus one day a week.

How We Can Help

  • Pray for the ministry and the families they serve.
  • Volunteer throughout the year at campus projects


Habitat for Humanity

www.habitatsa.org / 210-223-5203

FPC Contact: Eugene Garcia

Habitat for Humanity is an ecumenical Christian non-profit housing organization working in partnership with God’s people in need to build modest, decent, and affordable houses without interest or profit, thereby witnessing God’s love in action. They do not consider themselves to be a “handout” program, but rather they help families help themselves. Since their founding in 1976, Habitat has built over 1,000 homes for families who would not ordinarily be able to afford a home.

How we can help

  • Serve as a board member
  • Volunteer to build
  • Work in the administrative offices
  • Provide lunch for volunteers at the work site
  • Work at the Home Centers
House of Neighborly Service (HNS)

www.hnstoday.org / 210-434-2301

FPC Contact: FPC Missions

The House of Neighborly Service (HNS) is a multi-service, nonprofit organization that serves the west side of San Antonio, primarily the 78207, 78228, and 78237 zip code areas. It was founded by Presbyterian missionaries in 1917, and has provided services to people in need for over ninety years. HNS’ mission is to join with neighbors in Christian love and service to enhance the quality of life in the community. Services include early childhood intervention programs, child care, parenting education, healthcare evaluations, outreach programs to senior citizens, food distribution programs including an emergency food pantry, and collaborative programs partnering neighborhood residents with volunteers from various other areas of San Antonio.

How We Can Help

  • Assist with the thrift store
  • Help with maintenance
  • General carpentry
  • Serve food to seniors in need
  • Landscaping
  • Serve through the WOC Gift of Christmas
Mission Road Ministries


www.missionroadministries.org / 210-924-9265

FPC Contact: Jacob Gray

Mission Road Ministries is a non-profit organization that serves children and adults with intellectual and other developmental disabilities each day with residential, day services and vocation programs. They are a community-based family of agencies with a call from God to minister to persons with intellectual and other developmental disabilities by challenging them to achieve their full potential for independence, productivity and inclusion in the community. It is one of two organizations in Texas caring for children with developmental disabilities who have been removed from their family due to neglect and abuse. Their services include a housing program (on Mission Road Campus or in Apartments), personal care (the campus provides care by RN’s and a clinic to provide extensive healthcare support), social activities (a day program, chapel services, exercise, field trips, community service fun, and summer camps), and adult foster care placement and program management. The Unicorn Center focuses on helping adults with IDD find, get, and keep and appropriate job, continuing education for life skills, and an onsite workshop. This center is uniquely positioned to set goals with their customers and help them learn the skills to be successful in the San Antonio business community.

How We Can Help

  • Volunteer on campus
    • Working directly with residents
    • Helping with maintenance of Mission Road facilities (painting, gardening, repair work, hanging Christmas lights).
    • Collect and donate items such as jerseys for Special Olympics, Christmas party supplies, toys, educational books, and tickets for community events.
    • Assist in on-campus programming (arts and crafts classes, music lessons and programs, tutoring, field trips, birthday parties, fundraisers, holiday parties, and more)
  • Volunteer with Shindig, Mission Road’s primary fundraising event.
    • Underwriting/Table Sales
    • Live Auction
    • Silent Auction
    • Country Store
    • Logistics
    • Decorations & Party Favors
Morningside Ministries

www.mmliving.org / 210-734-1000

FPC Contact: Jim Clouse

Morningside Ministries is the area’s oldest and largest not-for-profit, faith-based organization providing a full continuum of care to older adults in three retirement communities. Housing and services include independent living apartments and cottages, residences for individuals needing assistance with daily activities, memory care, skilled nursing care and rehabilitation. Morningside has been offering affordable retirement living for seniors since 1961, and strive to meet the individual, physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual needs of each resident and their families.

How We Can Help

  • Visit residents
  • Help host events for residents during Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day and other holidays
  • Help with arts and crafts activities
  • Join in inspirational readings
  • Participate in musical groups or singing with the church choir.
  • Assist with care of residents
Presbyterian Children's Homes and Services (PCHAS)

texas.pchas.org / 210-558-4770

FPC Contact: Suzanne West

PCHAS, founded in 1903 to provide Christ-centered care and support to children and families in need. They strive to strengthen and redeem San Antonio families so that children will have permanent homes and families will find self-sufficiency. Local programs are aimed at preventing children from entering the foster care system and nurturing safe, loving homes where San Antonio families can thrive.  The three programs in San Antonio are the Single Parent Family Program, Transitional Living, and the Child & Family Program.

How We Can Help

  • Become an Ambassador to encourage church support and provide volunteers for activities related to the ministry of PCHAS.
  • Become a mentor to families or children in PCHAS programs
  • Volunteer to provide childcare or transportation
  • Help host the annual fall BBQ, birthday parties for the children, holiday parties, etc.
  • Make or donate weighted blankets (a soothing mechanism to help children who have experience trauma.
  • Assemble welcome kits for new families and women in the Single Parent Family Program.
San Antonio Metropolitan Ministries (SAMM)

www.samm.org / 210-321-5631

FPC Contact: Mike Munroe

SAMM is an interfaith ministry whose mission is to help the homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless attain self-sufficiency by offering, with dignity and compassion, shelter, housing and services. They also provide volunteers opportunities to be renewed and fulfilled as they serve. Their programs are designed to address and alleviate the full spectrum of issues associated with homelessness and ensure that clients are able to create and implement a plan to transition out of homelessness permanently. Program offerings include short-term financial assistance, financial literacy assistance, employment development assistance, academic support for adults and children, extra-curricular activities, basic life skill education, on-site medical, dental, and mental health care, Bible studies and other congregational support activities, household items, and case management.

How We Can Help

  • Host supply drives
  • Provide homework help for students
  • Provide spiritual activities (praise and worship services, Bible studies, VBS)
  • Act as monitors for the Teen Room
  • Host a family social event (movie night or BBQ)
  • Act as a mentor for teens in the Transitional Housing Program
  • Participate in a family volunteer day to help clean, paint, or do other day-to-day tasks
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