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Sunday Cookie Bakers Needed!

Help is needed to provide cookies for our FPC3 Fellowship each Sunday. If baking is your thing, follow the link to sign up for one or more Sundays! It’s a great way for you and your children or grandchildren to serve together through baking! Sign up at bit.ly/sunday-cookie-signup. A big thank you to everyone who baked in January! Mary Alexander, Rebecca Allen, Barbara Baldridge, Pat Brodeen, Mills Buchek, Robert Collins, Katherine Cowles, Debra Cox-Tummers, Jeanne Douglas, Sheila Figueroa, Ellen Frazier, Diane Ledford, Mary Moore, Diana Morehouse, Lori Oliver,  Meredith Park, Sarah Rice, Sharon Seal, Martha Smith, & Willie Willming.

5th Sunday Greeting Team Help Needed!

2023 5th Sundays: January 29, April 30, July 30, October 29, December 31
We are in need of a 5th Sunday Greeting Team Captain and team members ready to welcome our guests and FPC family on the rare 5th Sunday of the month. If you can help coordinate or potentially serve on one or more of the days below, please contact Nancy Turnbull at nancybturnbull@gmail.com.

Audio/Visual Support Needed

We are currently looking for contract and volunteer support for our Audio/Visual efforts on Sundays and for events. If you are interested, please contact communications@fpcsat.org.

Sing with the Sanctuary Choir

Have you ever sung in a community chorus, high school, college, or church choir? Did you learn to read music as an instrumentalist, vocalist, or pianist? Would you like to lead worship through the art of choral singing? If your answer to these questions is ‘yes’ or even ‘maybe,’ we would like to tell you more about the work of our Sanctuary Choir. Please contact Tom Dooling, Minister of Music, at tomd@fpcsat.org or 210-271- 2717 to find out more about this unique opportunity in the life of our church.

Christian Education

Contact Becky Prichard at beckyp@fpcsat.org for more information on Christian Education.


Contact Becky Prichard at beckyp@fpcsat.org for more info or to join the Private Facebook Group. 


Expecting a baby? We are so excited for you! Here’s your check list:

  • Inform Children’s Ministry of news and due date!
  • Be sure to visit 1st floor and get acquainted with Nursery and preschool area
  • Contact Heather Beltrame about attending baptism seminar for parents

beckyp@fpcsat.org / heatherb@fpcsat.org

KEYS: Older Adults

Regular Friday meetings are at 11:00 AM with lunch at 12:00 PM. Onsite lunches cost $13 and off campus birthday lunches on the third Friday of the month are $15. Call the church office for your reservation. For more info, visit fpcsanantonio.org/keys or contact Rev. Dr. Joe Moore at joem@fpcsat.org.

Men’s Ministry

Text “Tribe” to 210-981-3339 to join the Men’s texting group. Visit fpcsanantonio.org/men for more info.

Mental Health Ministry

Email Jenn Borges at jennborges@hotmail.com, call 707-372-3228, or visit fpcsanantonio.org/mental-hope for information regarding mental health resources and/or support groups. Volunteers are available to walk through this complex journey with you. There is help. There is hope. NAMI (The National Alliance for Mental Illness) is sponsoring classes for families coping with mental illness. These classes will be given at First Presbyterian Church. Contact Amy Joyce-Ponder at 210-734-3349 (ext. 102) for class information.

Missions – Local & Global

Connect with our FPC Missions Facebook Page www.facebook.com/fpcmissions. Visit fpcsanantonio.org/global-missions and fpcsanantonio.org/local-missions for the most recent updates from our mission partners. Contact Lindsay Selli at lindsays@fpcsat.org for more information, to join our Mission 9:38 prayer text group, or to share ideas on how to help our community at this time.

Marriage Ministry

If you would like more information, or would like to serve as Marriage Mentors or helping with events, small groups, classes, etc. please call Bobby and Downie Mickler at (210) 284-1497 or email rmickler@gmail.com. Couples are invited to receive encouragement and support at any stage in their marriage starting with the Prepare & Enrich Assessment! Registration and additional Marriage Ministry information are at fpcsanantonio.org/marriage.


Please listen, subscribe and share God’s promises of strength and comfort. Visit fpcsanantonio.org/podcasts for more information about all of our podcasts.

Stephen Ministry

Non-denominational ministry named for the first Christian martyr, Stephen. This ministry equips congregation members to provide one-to-one Christian care to people who are hurting. Contact Rev. Scott Simpson at scotts@fpcsat.org to apply for training or assistance.

Women of the Church

WOC has a variety of women’s circles which meet each month. Some circles meet in homes, others at church, and many of them have lunch as part of their meeting. Some are Bible study circles, one circle knits and crochets prayer shawls, one circle doesn’t have regular meetings, but provides meals for families with new babies or those recovering from surgery, and another is just for young moms. The Circle of Concern organizes and serves memorial receptions held at the church. Many women are members of more than one circle. Please refer to fpcsanantonio.org/woc to find the dates and times each circle meets, as well as contact information for each circle leader. Visitors are always welcome!

Young Adult Communities (YAC)

YAC includes communities for emerging and established young adults from University to young family stages, generally 18-38 years of age.

Study the Bible in community with other young adults so that you can grow together in knowing God and His Word. These small groups meet at least twice a month for fellowship, study, and prayer together in homes. Don’t miss out on this chance to go deeper in God’s Word and in relationships with other believers! Contact Bella Martinez, bellajmartinez18@gmail.com or 210-379-7374, to sign up! 

Watch fpcsanantonio.org/ya for updates. Contact Rev. Mitchell Moore at mitchellm@fpcsat.org or Carrie Everson at carriee@fpcsat.org for more info. Connect with us on Instagram and Twitter – @FPC_UMin & Facebook – @2TenSATX. Text YAC to 210-981-3339 to join the YAC texting group.


Visit our FPC Youth Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter pages @fpcsayouth or visit fpcsanantonio.org/youth for updates. Email Kerri Napoli at kerrin@fpcsat.org for more information.

Worship Music

Worship playlists curated by First Pres are available online on Spotify at tinyurl.com/FPCspotify for continued worship throughout the week.