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Church Officers & Leadership

Deacons and Elders

Church Officers & Leadership


Congregational leadership is an important area of service at FPC. There are distinctive leadership roles, calling for particular gifts and commitment. Covenant Partners (members) are nominated and elected each year to serve as Elders on the Session, on the Board of Deacons, and on the Board of Trustees. Additionally, volunteer Covenant Partners serve on Committees that are either chaired by an active Elder or have an Elder as a Committee Member.

The Session & Elders

The Session, comprised of the Pastors and Elders, is the governing body of FPC. Moderated by the Senior Pastor, and led by the Clerk of Session, the Elders of our church, elected by the congregation, meet monthly to manage and organize the affairs of the church. They are entrusted with the oversight of the spiritual life of our congregation — leading, governing, and, if necessary, disciplining its members. Both individually and collectively (as the Session), Elders provide leadership in worship, teaching, mission, evangelism, care, and nurture.

Who is on the Session?

  • Moderator – Rev. Dr. Bob Fuller
  • Pastors on Session – Rev. R. Scott Simpson, Rev. A. Mitchell Moore, & Rev. Becky Prichard
  • Clerk of Session – Dr. Norton “Tripp” Stuart
  • Treasurer – John Bass
  • Currently Elected Elders

The Board of Trustees

Trustees are the legal custodians of the physical aspects of the church, such as finance, property, and buildings. Those who serve as trustees should be people of high character and have abilities in appropriate areas, such as skills in finance, construction, building maintenance, or knowledge of insurance, liability, and legal issues related to non-profit organizations.

The Board of Deacons

Deacons at our church lead ministries that foster fellowship and provide care within and beyond our congregation. They may also be involved in preaching and teaching as needed. The selection of deacons for service is determined by the congregation, while the Session oversees and directs their ministry.

Deacon Responsibilities:

  • Hospital and Rehabilitation Facility Visitation – Deacons visit members in medical facilities when requested by the members or members’ families through the Care and Concern Line.
  • Home Visitation – Deacons visit members at home, when requested by members, to help all members feel a part of our congregation.
  • Grief Ministry – Deacons walk alongside members who have experienced the death of a close loved one by following up with them with contacts and visits.
  • After Worship Prayer – Deacons are available to pray with members after each worship service.
  • Seasonal Flower Delivery – Deacons deliver seasonal flowers (Poinsettias and Easter Lilies) to certain members, including those who have experienced a recent loss, those being visited at home, and members over 90 years old.
  • Prayer – Deacons pray for members, as requested in the Care and Concern Line and as other concerns are shared with them.

If you or someone you know could benefit from our deacon ministry, please contact Rev. Scott Simpson Associate Pastor for Congregational Care, at scotts@fpcsat.org or 210-226-0215, ext. 212, or Lisa Snow, at lisas@fpcsat.org.

Who is on the Board of Deacons?

  • Moderator – Kathy Timberlake
  • Vice-Moderator – Tom Benke
  • Secretary – Marianne Ryan
  • Currently Elected Deacons


Committees are an integral part of the church, made up of dedicated members of the church community who serve in leadership roles which contribute to the success of the church’s ministry and mission.

Who are the Committee Chairs?

Officer Nominations (ONC)

Congregational Vote on Officer Nominations | Sunday, April 14 at the end of each worship service

Each year, the congregation nominates Covenant Partners (members) who have been regular in worship, active in the life of the church, generous in support of our ministry, and faithful in their life and witness to the gospel, to serve as elected elders, deacons, and trustees. Submissions for 2024 were given in January of this year.

Our collection of nominees for Elders, Deacons and Trustees is the result of a large pool of consideration. The selection by the Officer Nomination Committee has been based on two key attributes – a serving heart, and the talents and skills that each person brings to the FPC family and leadership.

Who is on the Officer Nominating Committee for 2024?

Ed Moore (Chair), Bill Oliver (Vice Chair), Tom Benke, Janet Wernli, Chuck Bunn, Ashley Jackson, Ellen Frazier, Caleb Barber, and Jane Watson

What leadership positions have the nominees been selected to fill?

  • Elder Class of 2027: Eight
  • Deacon Class of 2027: Eighteen
  • Deacon Class of 2026 (fill 2 year unexpired term): One
  • Trustees: Two

Meet the 2024 Nominees for Church Officers

Download the PDF of Nominee Biographies