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Adult Sunday Classes


Join us for one of our exciting Adult Sunday School Classes.  There is a class for you!  Please look through the options below for details and reach out to the class teacher or contact for more information.

For more information about Adult Sunday School at FPC, contact Becky Prichard (beckyp@fpcsat.org)

8:30 AM Adult Sunday School Classes

Class: Faithful Explorers

Room: 301
Teacher: Chuck Bunn, chuck@bunngroup.com
Contact: Pat Brodeen, pat@brodeen.com
Description: Amid a changing culture, the strength of God in preparing us to be His witnesses never wavers. Join us as we study Peter’s epistles as he teaches disciples to not only remain engaged in the world but to stand firm in the Lord in our various relationships despite calls from the world to conform to a different standard. This is an interactive class with a mix of textual discernment, thoughtful discussions, fellowship, and prayer.

9:30 AM Adult Sunday School Classes

Class: Ambassadors – Families with Young Children

Room: 302
Contact: Jennie Brooks, jenniebrooks23@yahoo.com, Meg Culp, megculp@sbcglobal.net, Judy Kruger, judykruger@sbcglobal.net
Description: The Ambassadors class seeks to establish a community with parents whose children are 5 and younger. This year we will be looking at “A Praying Life” by Paul E. Miller in conjunction with “Praying the Scriptures for Your Children” by Jodie Berndt. Please join us for discussion and fellowship all year!

Class: Arthur Gray Jones

Room: St. Andrew’s Room
Teacher: Harry Schwethelm, Harry.Schwethelm@satx.rr.com, 210-826-5960
Description: We welcome you to a class of warm fellowship and good discussion. The Arthur Gray Jones class has been in continuous existence since the 1920s and acts as a group discussion of the Bible, which we read verse by verse.

Class: Bridges

Room: Covenant Hall (315)
Teachers: Rev. Dr. Ron Scates, 214-681-6041, Ronald.Scates@gmail.com, Rev. Chris Scruggs, Rev. Paul Kacsur, & Dr. Jonathan King
Contact: Tom Benke, 210-355-3066, tbenke@sbcglobal.net

We wrap up our Advent series on January 7 and will then commence with a study of the book of Daniel. We’re going in faith this Spring into the Book of Daniel, both the story and the prophecy.  The class will be taught by a collection of volunteer class members and ministers. The class is also recorded and available in audio format on the FPC website at fpcsanantonio.org/audio.

Class: College Breakfast Hour

Dates: January 14, 28; February 11, 25; March 17, 24; April 7, 21
Room: 310
Contact:  Ben Henderson, 210-845-3845, benh@fpcsat.org
Description: Food as free as Jesus’ grace. Enjoy food and fellowship, and challenge your faith with other college students!

Class: Connections

Room: 224
Teachers: Boxy Hornberger, 210-867-3321, boxy@hfgtx.com; Trebes Sasser, 210-844-7874, tsasser@rpitx.com; Deanna Rickabaugh, 512-925-8759, dyrickabaugh@yahoo.com
Class Contact: Deanna Rickabaugh, dyrickabaugh@yahoo.com, 512-925-8759
Description:  We seek to understand more fully the practicality and relevance of God’s Word to our lives. We seek to connect more deeply to the Word and to each other as we read and discuss scripture.

Class: Mama Bear Apologetics Class for Parents

Dates: Begins January 28
Room: 108
Leader:  Rachel Gremillion, rcgremillion@gmail.com
Description: “Mama Bear Apologetics: Guide to Sexuality” is a valuable resource aimed at empowering parents to educate and guide their children toward understanding and respecting God’s intended plan for gender, sex, marriage, and family. It highlights the importance of helping our children comprehend the clear and unwavering design that God has established for families. By delving into this book, we equip ourselves with the knowledge and insights needed to become the wise and dependable mentors our children require. Together, we can lead them towards embracing the life-affirming truths that God has in store for us.

Class: One Love – Intergenerational Gospel Wisdom for the Newly & Almost Married

Dates: January 14 & January 28 – February 18
Room: 301
Teachers: Tres & Catherine Murry, jgmurry3@gmail.com and Jack & Allison Thomas, jackthomas29@yahoo.com
Description: Don’t miss our “One Love” Sunday School Class! Perfect for newlyweds and soon-to-be-married couples, this 6-week program combines decades of experience, gospel centrality, small group discussions, and intergenerational connectivity to prepare and strengthen marriages. Delve into topics such as God’s design for marriage, roles, family dynamics, communication, conflict resolution, and intimacy. Discover how the transformational power of the gospel can nurture lifelong love and build a strong foundation for your marriage. Join us and receive wisdom from those who have gone before us. Invest in your marriage today!

Class: Old Testament Overview – God’s Plan of Redemption Through History

Dates: January 7 – May 12 (will not meet Easter Sunday)
Room: 300
Teachers: Carrie Everson, carriee@fpcsat.org
Description: Take a journey with us through the Old Testament so that you can become more aware of God’s plan of redemption from Creation until the time of Christ.  We will be using the “CASKET EMPTY” curriculum.  Books and an Old Testament Timeline will be available for purchase for those who would like them.

Adult Sunday Evening Class & Group

Class: Financial Peace University

Dates: January 14 – March 10
Location: Zoom
Teachers: Morris Camp, morriscamp@gmail.com and Muffin Camp, muffincamp@gmail.com
Description: Learn how to save money and become debt-free with Financial Peace University for FREE (sponsored by FPC.) You watch the videos ahead of each meeting and then meet via Zoom for discussions for less than an hour. Visit fpcsanantonio.org/fpu-spring24 for information and full registration instructions & links.

Group: University Ministry “Family Time”

Dates: January 14 – April 28 (not meeting March 10 or  April 14)
Location: Off-campus
Contact: Ben Henderson, 210-845-3845, benh@fpcsat.org
Description: Diving into Scripture over dinner!

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