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Adult Sunday Classes

Join us for one of our exciting Adult Sunday School Classes.  There is a class for you!  Please look through the options below for details and reach out to the class teacher or contact for more information.

For more information about Adult Sunday School at FPC, contact Becky Prichard (beckyp@fpcsat.org)

8:30 AM Adult Sunday School Classes

Class: Faithful Explorers

Room: 226
Teacher: Chuck Bunn, chuck@bunngroup.com
Contact: Pat Brodeen, pat@brodeen.com
Description: This class studies books of the Bible, chosen by the class, in a lecture/discussion format. Adults of all ages are welcome!

Class: Tools and Topics

Time: 8:30 AM – 9:10 AM
Room: Room 308
Teacher: Rev. Dr. Bob Fuller
Contact: Sheila Figueroa, sheilaf@fpcsat.org
Description: Have you ever been asked to lead a small group, Bible study or Sunday School class, but felt ill-equipped or unprepared? Or, have you ever wanted to hone your skills as a teacher and are looking for the right resources to grow and learn? “Tools and Topics” is a class designed to help us disciple one another. The goal of the class is to equip disciples to disciple one another. In this group we will explore introductions to the Bible, Bible Study tools, theological questions and leadership skills.

9:30 AM Adult Sunday School Classes

Class: 5 Weeks of Encouragement

Dates: September 11 – October 9
Room: 309
Teacher: Downie Mickler, downie@ankoledesigns.com
Description: If you do not have a Small Group and want to join one, come to Room 309! We will be hearing testimonies from married couples every week.

Class: Arthur Gray Jones

Room: St. Andrew’s Room
Teacher/s: Harry Schwethelm, Harry.Schwethelm@satx.rr.com, 210-826-5960
Description: We welcome you to a class of warm fellowship and good discussion. The Arthur Gray Jones class has been in continuous existence since the 1920s and acts as a group discussion of the Bible, which we read verse by verse. After we finish Luke, we will pick a book in the Old Testament and will read and discuss it.

Class: Bridges

Room: Covenant Hall (315)
Teacher/s:  Rev. Dr. Ron Scates, 214-681-6041, Ronald.Scates@gmail.com and
Rev. Paul Kacsur, 210-381-3462, pkacsur@aol.com
Description: Join us for an in-depth study of the Apostles Creed as we take a detailed look at the creed and its foundation for our Christian beliefs.

Class: Connections

Room: 224
Teacher/s: Boxy Hornberger and Trebes Sasser
Class Contact:   Deanna Rickabaugh, dyrickabaugh@yahoo.com, 512-925-8759
Description:  We seek to understand more fully the practicality and relevance of God’s Word to our lives. We seek to connect more deeply to the Word and to each other as we read and discuss scripture.

Class: Deep End Sermon Discussion

Room: 300
Teacher/s:  Ellie Harpole, ellieharpole@yahoo.com and Thomas Ochs, tbochs@gmail.com
Description: Connect on a deeper level with God’s word and God’s people during the Sunday School hour. The class will include a facilitated discussion on the Sunday morning sermon passage. Every age and stage are welcome to join!

Class: The Uncomfortables

Room: 228
Teacher/s: Neil Williams, nwilliams48@hotmail.com, 210-523-1653
Description:  This class explores the issues of faith in our modern world and takes on subjects or topics that might make some people uncomfortable. We are a discussion group and welcome all points of view and encourage participation. We are willing to listen to all viewpoints and just because we chose a book, does not mean that we agree with the author’s views.

Class:  Young Families Gospel Community Group

Room: 302
Teacher/s:  Katie Miller, 281-299-2029, Katie.misfeldt@gmail.com and
Jade Owens, 830-570-4144, jacowens4@gmail.com
Description:  Study the Bible in community with other parents of young children so that you can grow together in knowing God and His Word. This is a small group that meets weekly during the Sunday School hour for fellowship, study, and prayer together. All are welcome! Don’t miss out on this chance to go deeper in God’s Word and in relationships with other believers!

Contemporary Worship Team

Time:  Prior to Contemporary Worship (contact Callan for exact time)
Room:  Westminster Hall
Contact:  Callan Brown, 210-271-2775, callanb@fpcsat.org
Description: The Contemporary Worship Team is always open to new members including adults, college students, and advanced high school students. If you have experience singing or playing an instrument and would like to know more about the work of the team, please contact us for more information! The Contemporary Worship Team leads worship each Sunday in Westminster Hall.