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Adult Sunday Classes


Join us for one of our exciting Adult Sunday School Classes.  There is a class for you!  Please look through the options below for details and reach out to the class teacher or contact for more information.

For more information about Adult Sunday School at FPC, contact Becky Prichard (beckyp@fpcsat.org)

8:30 AM Adult Sunday School Classes

Class: Faithful Explorers

Room: 226
Teacher: Chuck Bunn, chuck@bunngroup.com
Contact: Pat Brodeen, pat@brodeen.com
Description: In the midst of a changing culture, the strength of God in preparing us to be His witnesses never wavers.  Join us as we study Peter’s epistles as he teaches disciples to not only remain engaged in the world, but to stand firm in the Lord in our various relationships despite calls from the world to conform to a different standard.  This is an interactive class with a mix of textual discernment, thoughtful discussions, fellowship and prayer.

9:30 AM Adult Sunday School Classes

Class: Ambassadors – Families with Young Children

Room: 302
Contact: Jennie Brooks, jenniebrooks23@yahoo.com, Meg Culp, megculp@sbcglobal.net, Judy Kruger, judykruger@sbcglobal.net
Description: The Ambassadors class seeks to establish community with parents whose children are 5 and younger.  This year we will be looking at “A Praying Life” by Paul E. Miller in conjunction with “Praying the Scriptures for Your Children” by Jodie Berndt.  Please join us for discussion and fellowship all year!

Class: Arthur Gray Jones

Room: St. Andrew’s Room
Teacher: Harry Schwethelm, Harry.Schwethelm@satx.rr.com, 210-826-5960
Description: We welcome you to a class of warm fellowship and good discussion. The Arthur Gray Jones class has been in continuous existence since the 1920s and acts as a group discussion of the Bible, which we read verse by verse.

Class: Biblical Foundations – Kingdom, Covenants & Canon of the Old Testament (Study Center – FPC Covenant Partner Cohort)

Dates: October 8-November 19
Room: 226
Teachers: Dr. Jonathan King, zjking59@gmail.com
To Register:  Ellen Frazier, elizfrazier@runbox.com
Description:  This is an introductory theology course exploring the doctrine of how God spread His Kingdom through covenants with individuals in the Old Testament and through “canon,” or standards of faith.  This is a reverse classroom course in which the participant will review online materials from Thirdmill Institute and discuss the materials with other participants and a facilitator.  Registration for the class is required prior to attendance.  Visit fpcsanantonio.org/study-center

Class: Bridges

Dates:  August 6-November 19
Room: Covenant Hall (315)
Teachers: Rev. Dr. Ron Scates, 214-681-6041, Ronald.Scates@gmail.com, Rev. Chris Scruggs, Rev. Paul Kacsur, & Dr. Jonathan King
Contact: Tom Benke, 210-355-3066, tbenke@sbcglobal.net
Description: In a lecture-followed-by-discussion format, we will study in depth the book, “Crises of Discipleship,” by Rev. G. Christopher Scruggs and featuring “renewing the art of relational disciple-making.” The character of Dietrich Bonhoeffer appears in certain chapters, and his works “Cost of Discipleship,” “Life Together,” and “Letters and Papers from Prison” were the inspiration for Chris’ book.  All adult ages welcome.  The class is also recorded and available in audio format, podcast links at fpcsanantonio.org/audio.

Class: College Breakfast Hour

Dates: August 27, September 10 & 24, October 8 & 29, November 12, and December 3 & 10
Room: 310
Contact:  Ben Henderson, 210-845-3845, benh@fpcsat.org
Description: Food as free as Jesus’ grace.  Come for a good word as well.

Class: Connections

Room: 224
Teachers: Boxy Hornberger, 210-867-3321, boxy@hfgtx.com; Trebes Sasser, 210-844-7874, tsasser@rpitx.com; Deanna Rickabaugh, 512-925-8759, dyrickabaugh@yahoo.com
Class Contact: Deanna Rickabaugh, dyrickabaugh@yahoo.com, 512-925-8759
Description:  We seek to understand more fully the practicality and relevance of God’s Word to our lives. We seek to connect more deeply to the Word and to each other as we read and discuss scripture.

Class: Mama Bear Apologetics Class for Parents

Room: 108
Leader:  Rachel Gremillion, rcgremillion@gmail.com
Description: Would you like to help your child navigate today’s culture through a biblical worldview?  Is your desire to raise your child to stand up for God’s truth, but you are overwhelmed?  Please join us as we study the book, Mama Bear Apologetics.  Not just for mamas, this study is for anyone who desires to equip children to “destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God” (2 Corinthians 10:5)  It’s time to teach our children how to defend their faith with compassionate confidence.

Class: Marriage Sunday School Class

Dates: September 10-December 19
Room: 309
Teachers:  Stacia Morse, 210-294-1330; Michael Morse, 210-524-1312; Bobby and Downie Mickler, 210-284-1497, rmickler@gmail.com
Description: Learning about marriage from a Biblical perspective.  The class will be taught by video and discussion format.  We will pray together and play together outside of class.  It’s about growing in relationship with Christ, your spouse, and other couples.

Class: Meaningful Mission Sunday School Class

Dates: August 20-September 24
Room: 300
Teachers:  Douglas Young, douglasrobyoung@gmail.com; Kaylee Young, kayleeho414@gmail.com
Description: Join us as we explore how to find your place in God’s story through videos and discussion.

Class: The Uncomfortables

Room: 228
Teacher: Neil Williams, nwilliams48@hotmail.com; Charlotte Gates, charlottehains@gmail.com
Description:  We are a discussion group and we encourage class participation.  Starting this fall, we will be examining the small epistles in the New Testament as well as some of the minor prophets in the Old Testament.  Although the books are short – hence the description as “minor” epistles or books – they are rich in content and commentary.

YAC Gospel Community Groups

Description: YAC Gospel Community Groups are for ages 18-35 to gather and grow together.  These groups meet twice a month to help you grow in your relationship with Christ as you walk with one another in fellowship and studying God’s Word together.  Sign up at fpcsanantonio.org/gcgroups.

We have various meetings and activities throughout the week.  Contact Carrie Everson, 210-226-0215, carriee@fpcsat.org or visit https://fpcsanantonio.org/ministries/university for more information.

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