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Adult Sunday Classes

Join us for one of our exciting Adult Sunday School Classes this Fall.  Whether you choose to attend in-person or online, there is a class for you!  Please look through the options below for details and reach out to the class teacher or contact for more information including Zoom Access if applicable.

For more information about Adult Sunday School at FPC, contact Becky Prichard (beckyp@fpcsat.org)

8:30 AM Adult Sunday School Class

Class: Pathways | Zoom
Teachers: Jim and Janie Worth, jcworth@gmail.com, jsworth@gmail.com
Description: How does the Bible guide us in our daily lives? Join this small group Bible study class (leadership is done by group members) to learn ways in which God’s Word applies in all aspects of our lives, from family relationships to work issues and everything else we face daily.

10:00 AM Adult Sunday School Classes

Class:  30 Minutes for Theology | Room 208 (Geneva Room)
Teacher:  Rev. Dr. Bob Fuller
Contact:  Mike Charlton, charlton@uthscsa.edu, 210-682-8677; Eugene Garcia, eugenegarcia@satx.rr.com, 210-218-7203
Description: Theology means “words about God,” and Thirty Minutes for Theology is a Sunday morning group designed to introduce people to the historic ways Christians have explained and talked about “what we believe.” St. Augustine described the study of theology as “Faith Seeking Understanding.” Each week, we will address a new topic as we join this ancient conversation. This group is for new Christians, experienced Christians, seekers and anyone who likes to talk about the big questions of faith. Whether you drop in or come every week, you are welcome to join us for thirty minutes of theology.

Class: Arthur Gray Jones |  Room 226
Teacher: Harry Schwethelm, harry.schwethelm@satx.rr.com, 210-826-5960
Description: We welcome you to a class of warm fellowship and good discussion. The Arthur Gray Jones class has been in continuous existence since the 1920s.

Class: Bridges |  Covenant Hall/Room 315
Teacher:  Rob Shelton, rshelton@genevaschooltx.org, 210-404-2556; Tom Benke, tbenke@sbcglobal.net, 210-355-3066
Description: The Life of Christ

Class:  College Breakfast Hour | Room 300
Teacher:  Alex Solorio, alexs@fpcsat.org, 832-455-8752
Description:  Join us as we kick back with a revolving door of breakfast before our 11:02 Worship Service.  We will catch-up and end with a devotional. We hope to see you there!  Have questions?  Follow us on Social Media at @FPC_Umin.

Class: Connections | Room 224
Teachers: Boxy Hornberger and Trebes Sasser
Contact:  Deanna Rickabaugh, dyrickabaugh@yahoo.com, 512-925-8759; Charlotte Milner, charlottebellmilner@gmail.com, 210-415-6704 with questions or for more info.
Description: We seek to understand more fully the practicality and relevance of God’s word to our lives. We seek to connect more deeply to the Word and to each other as we read and discuss scripture.

Class:  Discipleship Parenting | Room 302
Teacher:  Rev. Becky Prichard, beckyp@fpcsat.org, 210-271-2732
Description: Are you wondering how to raise courageous, compassionate, resilient and empathetic kids? Or how to encourage your kids to make faith their own? Join us for this class where we will study Scripture and discover God’s call for parents to lead and nurture their children spiritually. Parents with kids of all ages are welcome to attend!

Class:  Exilic Experiences Beyond the Land of Milk and Honey | Room 301
Dates:  September 13 – October 18
Teacher:  Antonio Alvarez, testamentum@hotmail.com
Description: We will explore in depth the meaning and implications of exile in light of Israel’s history and its various characters. This will enable us to possess a deeper understanding of God’s love even during the apparent hopeless exilic age. The Old Testament provides vivid snapshots of God’s ceaseless love during adversity. By taking a closer look at a selected number of texts, we will be able to observe and envision God’s hope and love for those who decided to follow Him.

Class: First Class | Zoom
Teachers: Chuck Bunn, chuck@bunngroup.com and Pat Brodeen, pat@brodeen.com.
Description: We will undertake the study of the book of Daniel this fall. Join us as we see how the people of God continued to be faithful even in the midst of a culture which was antagonistic toward the one true God. Discover or re-discover how God used His mighty power even over those who do not acknowledge Him. As always, we will endeavor not only to study Scripture together, but to enjoy fellowship as well.

Class: Foundations Marriage Class | Room 304
Teachers:  Bobby Mickler bobby.mickler@gmail.com, 210-284-1496; Downie Mickler downie@ankoledesigns.com, 210-284-1497; Court Allen court.allen@pizarroallen.com, 210-273-0675; Amy Allen, amylhallen@gmail.com, 210-273-0675
Description: The Foundations class seeks to learn and apply Biblical truth in the context of marriages and families. We also enjoy wonderful times of fellowship and service together. We desire to strengthen and encourage one another to honor God in all aspects of life, and especially in our marriages and family life. We believe that strong, Christ-centered families are critically important to the church and the broader society, and we want to do our part to advance God’s kingdom through this ministry. We are here to encourage and help one another glorify God. (No perfect marriages here, just trying to love effectively and enjoy marriage in Christ as we become closer to Him and one another). If that resonates with you, please join us!

Class: The Uncomfortables | Zoom
Teacher: Neil Williams, nwilliams48@hotmail.com, 210-523-1653
Description: This is a class that explores the issues of faith in our modern world and takes on subjects that sometimes make others “uncomfortable.” This Fall we will be discussing R.C. Sproul’s “Essential Truths of the Christian Faith.”


Discover First!

Dates: Oct. 25 and Jan. 24
Time:12:00 – 4:00 PM
Location: Room 234 (Geneva Room)
Contact: Heather Beltrame, heatherb@fpcsat.org

Description:  Explore the mission and defining values of First Pres, get to know others who are new to the congregation, meet staff and members, learn ways to get involved, and realize how important you are to God’s mission. Register at fpcsanantonio.org/discover-first

Financial Peace University

Date: September 20 – November 15
Time: 4:00 – 5:00 PM
Location: Online
Contact: Morris Camp, morriscamp@gmail.com, 210-573-4433

Description: No more money stress—ever! It’s possible when you know how to handle your finances. Join our virtual Financial Peace University class, and we’ll learn how to dump debt and build wealth. You won’t even have to leave home. And now, you can try Financial Peace free for 14 days! The class costs $130 and gives you access to the videos and tools for an entire year. Visit fpu.com/1123167 to sign up. (Additional Wednesday Evening Class available. For more information visit fpcsanantonio.org/financial-peace-university.)