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The Zbinden Center

The Zbinden Center for Biblical Leadership is a hub for South Texas, nurturing the next generation of pastors and Christian leaders to maturity for life and leadership. We equip pastors, church planters, teachers, and emerging leaders for impactful ministry by focusing on holistic Biblical education, gospel-centered and experiential training, and mentoring. We foster a well-rounded approach to church ministry through comprehensive options spanning theology, Biblical studies, and leadership skills. From seasoned pastors to aspiring Christian leaders, The Zbinden Center offers resources and support for all levels of Christian leaders.

We’re breaking ground as a theological study center located in the heart of San Antonio. We go beyond standard teaching practices by integrating holistic education to mature our students’ and participants’ heads, hearts and hands. With a “learn today, use today,” framework, we intentionally integrate mentorships with seasoned church leaders into our curriculum, and use it as a foundation for our cohorts. Finally, we back our commitment to teaching practical ministry with a concrete theological education that is purposely affordable, accessible, and open to both current and emerging ministry leaders.

Fall 2024 Semester

This Fall, The Zbinden Center is excited to announce a variety of enriching programs designed to foster leadership development and Biblical formation. We will host three distinct theology cohorts, along with a Fellows Program, a Next-Level Sunday School Class, a Lay Academy class, and two seminars at FPC.


Rev. Mitchell Moore or Marianne Ryan

Theology Cohorts

Registration is Required for All Cohorts – Because mentoring and discipleship are provided, the size of the cohorts will be limited. Early registration is encouraged.

Fall 2024 will offer three distinct 10-week cohorts. The weekday cohorts will study “New Testament Foundations.” All cohorts will utilize the free Biblical Foundations Curriculum as part of a certificate track through ThirdMill Institute. More information on the curriculum offered: thirdmillinstitute.org/curriculum.

Cohorts Available – Registration Due by September 1:

  • Spanish-speaking Cohort: Begins Tuesday, Sept. 3 | 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

  • Emerging Leader Cohort: Begins Tuesday, Sept. 3 | 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

  • Ministry Leaders & Church Planters Cohort: Begins Tuesday, Sept. 10 | 10:45 AM – 1:15 PM

Cohort Registration

Register for Theology Cohort

You Will Need

  • Laptop / iPad
  • Email and internet access
  • A heart open to learn and grow in knowing God, knowing His word, and walking with others in study and application.


Study the Biblical Foundations material to learn and grow as a leader. All video lectures, study guides, quizzes, and tests will be done in the online classroom on your own time before the cohort meets.


Meet and discuss in your learning cohort with a seasoned pastor/Christian leader. Meetings will continue for 10 weeks.


Apply what you’ve learned to your life and leadership. Discussion guides and badges facilitate the application of what you’ve learned to real-life ministry.

The Thirdmill Institute is a certificate program affiliated with Thirdmill Seminary to provide free, seminary-level, biblical, and theological training for anyone interested in ministry. The cohorts will be done in a “reverse classroom,” watching videos and doing work on your own before meeting with other leaders from around the city for discussion and application with a seasoned Christian leader.

Visit ThirdMill Institute’s website for more information on the curriculum offered: thirdmillinstitute.org/curriculum

Cohorts will meet weekly to discuss the material at First Presbyterian Church of San Antonio, 404 N. Alamo Street, San Antonio, TX 78205.

Registro de Cohorte del Centro Zbinden

Cohortes de teología

El otoño de 2024 ofrecerá cuatro cohortes distintas de 10 semanas. Las tres cohortes de los martes estudiarán “Fundamentos del Nuevo Testamento.” Todos los grupos utilizarán el plan de estudios de Fundamentos Bíblicos gratuito como parte de una ruta de certificación a través del ThirdMill Institute. Más información sobre el plan de estudios ofrecido: Thirdmillinstitute.org/curriculum.

Grupos Disponibles:

  • Cohorte de habla hispana del martes por la noche | comienza el 3 de septiembre de 6:30 p. m. a 8:30 p. m.
  • Cohorte de líderes emergentes del martes por la noche | comienza el 3 de septiembre de 6:30 p. m. a 8:30 p. m.
  • Cohorte de líderes ministeriales y plantadores de iglesias del martes a la hora del almuerzo | comienza el 10 de septiembre de 10:45 a. m. a 1:15 p. m.

Inscripción con Thirdmill y El Centro en FPC


  • Laptop/ IPad
  • Correo electrónico y acceso al Internet
  • Un corazón abierto para aprender y crecer en el conocimiento de DIOS, conociendo Su Palabra, caminar con otros en el estudio y aplicación.


Estudiar el material de Fundamentos Bíblicos para aprender y crecer cómo líder. Todos los videos de la clase, guías de estudio, cuestionarios y exámenes se realizarán en línea fuera de clase antes de las sesiones.


Se reunirán y discutirán con un Pastor o Líder Cristiano con experiencia. Las sesiones serán continuas por 10 semanas.


Aplicar lo que se haya aprendido a tu propia vida y liderazgo. Guías de discusión e insignias acilitan la aplicación de lo que aprendas en tu ministerio de vida.

El Instituto Thirdmill es un programa de Certificación afiliado con el Seminario Thirdmill para brindar un entrenamiento Teológico y Bíblico gratuito para cualquier persona interesada en el ministerio. Los grupos se impartirán con la técnica de “aula invertida “, viendo videos y realizando trabajos propios antes de reunirse con otros líderes de la comunidad para ser discutidos y aplicados por un Líder Cristiano veterano.

El Programa del Instituto se ofrece de manera gratuita, sin cargo alguno y abierto a todo el público.

El grupo del Otoño 2024 de El Centro se dará con el fin de completar el curso para obtener el Certificado Básico. Los participantes se reunirán semanalmente en la iglesia de First Presbyterian Church de San Antonio, ubicada en 404 N. Alamo Street, San Antonio TX 78205. Se otorgará tutoría y discipulado por el cual habrá un límite de participantes. Se recomienda inscribirse lo antes posible.

The Fellows Program

Application & Acceptance to the Fellows Program is Required.

The Fellows Program offers a nine-month intensive experience focused on leadership development and Biblical formation. Participants engage in theological study within a community, aiming to deepen their understanding and practice of solid theology. Those interested must apply to become a Fellow, as cohort size is limited to ensure personalized mentoring and discipleship.

The Fall semester launches on September 3 with “Making Disciples Through Scripture and Doctrine,” meeting every Tuesday from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM at FPC.

Please download the Fellows Program application, fill it out completely, and email to marianner@fpcsat.org.

Download Fellows Program Application Contact Dr. Jonathan King

Upcoming Fall Seminars

  • Covenant Theology: Date TBA in August, led by Pastor Mitchell Moore
  • Preaching and Teaching: Late October or early November, led by Kevin Flowers and Pablo Chavarria

Opportunities for FPC

Sunday School

Next-Level Sunday School Class: Begins Sunday, Sept. 15 | 9:30 AM – 10:30 PM in Room 226


The Lay Academy

The Zbinden Center for Biblical Leadership is pleased to announce a new introductory level of classes called The Lay Academy. The Lay Academy will launch this Fall on Wednesday Evenings with a study called “Holy Heretics: The Disciples of the Reformation,” led by our Senior Pastor, Rev. Dr. Bob Fuller. Please join us at FPC in Covenant Hall on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-7:30 PM, beginning September 4, 2024.