September 9 – November 14, 2014
9:30-11:30 A.M.

“Children of the Day” by Beth Moore
The New Testament believers carried the Spirit of God as they walked along the shores of Thessalonica, just as you carry that light today. Your circumstances and conditions are not coincidental in your journey. Over the course of nine weeks, we will examine 1 and 2 Thessalonians and will encounter biblical truth as we face real crises, real medical diagnosis, real afflictions, real relationships, real doubts, real concerns, and real fears. Women of all ages are encouraged to attend.

Contact: Judy Kruger ( for themes and dates.
Childcare is available by reservation, contact Sonya Wright (; 210-271-2720).



Room 302
January 14 – March 11, 2015
6:30 P.M.

Victory in Spiritual Warfare: Field Guide for Battle is an 8-session bible study by Tony Evans. “Spiritual warfare” is defined as “the cosmic conflict waged in the invisible, spiritual realm which is simultaneously fleshed out in the context of the visible, physical realm.” Pastor Tony Evans pragmatically teaches Ephesians 6:10-18, providing application so that believers can implement the truths of God’s Word in the very real battle at hand. (8 sessions)

Session 1: The War Revealed and Strongholds Defined
Session 2: The Belt of Truth
Session 3: The Breastplate of Righteousness
Session 4: The Shoes of the Gospel of Peace
Session 5: The Shield of Faith
Session 6: The Helmet of Salvation
Session 7: The Sword of the Spirit, The Word of God
Session 8: The Full Armor in Real Life

Defines strongholds
Arms believers with a plan to put on the full armor of God and do battle with evil forces

Tony Evans is the pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas, and a teacher, author, and speaker. He serves the body of Christ through his unique ability to communicate complex theological truths through simple yet profound illustrations. Regarded as a pastor of pastors and a father in the faith, he is appreciated by new and veteran pastors alike. He is the founder of The Urban Alternative, a national ministry.

Contact: Sheila Figueroa ( / 210-822-4082)


Men’s Prayer Breakfast

Stay tuned.

Men of all ages are invited for Bible study, prayerful support and Christian growth. After breakfast, a passage of Scripture is read and discussed. Each man is invited to share his insights on the truth and relevance of the morning’s passage.

Thursday Bible Study

A Study of Colossians

Starts: January 14- March 17
Small group: 9:30-10:30 AM
Lecture: 10:30-11:15 AM
Note: This time schedule is reversed on the first meeting date.

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Room 228 (meets the third Friday of the month)

Caryl Gaubatz : slothcloth413@gmail.com210-651-0208
Jane Ann Temple : jatemple@att.net210-828-7542

Help serve those who are going through a crisis, challenge or change by joining members of the Shawl Ministry. Knit or crochet in an environment of warmth and fellowship. The “work of our hands” is a tangible expression of Christ’s love. After each shawl is completed, it is passed around the circle and each knitter or crocheter lays their hands on the shawl and prays for the recipient. Make a difference. Use your skill and talent to serve others. If you’ve always wanted to learn to knit or crochet, we will teach you.

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