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SA Stories Podcast

#Together4SA Podcast – Season 2

“Together for San Antonio” is an invitation for participation in city transformation.
La Familia es puro San Antonio! Because San Antonio is a city celebrating family.
Our city will flourish when our families in our city flourish!
Every family has a need and every person has a role.
This interview series will empower you to find your highest and best role in seeking the welfare of our city through caring for families. We are together for the city!


For more information please visit Together for San Antonio here www.decadeoffamily.org/together

Most Recent Episode

Episode List

May 5, 2021 – Children, Family, the Church, and the City with Ariel Kraft

April 8, 2021 – San Antonio Super Hero – Officer Doug Green Lives Out A Message We All Need To Hear

March 25, 2021 – Together for San Antonio, An Overview and Invitation

March 23, 2021 – Financial Health for Families – The Church in San Antonio can bring real hope during hard times

March 13, 2021 – Together for SA: Together for Financial Health for families, Morris and Muffin Camp

March 4, 2021 – Together for SA: Inspiration and Imagination for family fun and formation with Bobby Contreras

SA Stories Podcast – Season 1

SA Stories is an interview collection of San Antonio leaders who serve our city with great personal cost.
SA Stories will shape leaders and emerging leaders in San Antonio through providing a window into the personal leadership journey of person and each story will spur sacrificial love for the welfare of the city.


Episode List

Episode 20: Using influence to create a culture of care for families in San Antonio with Courtney Friedman of KSAT

Episode 19: Listening and Learning together in relationship featuring Rev. Dr. Charlie Foltz and Tanks Pizza Owner and Operator Michael Brown

Episode 18: Phone Interview with Dr. John Hamilton Discussing COVID 19

Episode 17: Addiction and Recovery in SA – Pay it Forward, Hamilton Barton and Ben Brooks

Episode 16: Megan Legacy with SA Hope Center

Episode 15: Alex Flemming with Life Restored Church “Loving our Homeless Neighbors”

Episode 14: UnicitySA Cafe panels 3 & 4 – Children, youth, family, & city transformation

Episode 13: UnicitySA Cafe panels 1 & 2 – Collaboration, Poverty & Casualties in the City

Story 11 & 12: Any Woman Can! Dr. Ingrid Sskop & Life for All! Dr. Fred Brown

Story 10: Marriage and the City – Carl Caton

Story 8: Hope and Human Trafficking – Carolyn Thomas and Ransomed Life

Story 7: Mental Health – Through Stigma to Strength with Doug Beach

Story 6: Raising Highly Capable Kids with Jodi Kirksey

Story 5: Pastor Jackson with Faith Based Institute

Story 4: “Leadership and Prayer” with Guest Eileen Vincent

Story 3: Special Guest Michael Rhodes Co-Author “The Kings of Economy”

Story 2: Rev. Dr. Charlie Foltz with SA Heals

Story 1: Jennifer Smith with South Texas Alliance for Orphans