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As Lord and Savior, Jesus calls us to come before our loving and just God, in and through prayer, so we might be empowered by the Holy Spirit for loving service to a hurting and broken world. The purpose of the Prayer Ministry is to encourage a passion for prayer within the congregational life and ministries of First Presbyterian so that the power of Christ’s love is made manifest in all we are and do!

Daily Prayer Requests and Concerns

  • By phone: We encourage you to offer prayers for others as an everyday part of your prayer life. The Care and Concern Line (210-222-2273) is an easy way for members to be aware of prayer requests and concerns within the congregation. That information is normally updated daily. The system is very easy to use. Just dial the number to hear individual requests. At the end of the recording, you are offered an opportunity to verbally leave requests for prayer; just follow the menu instructions.
  • By email: An email with Care and Concern information is now sent daily to officers and staff and to any member who has asked to be so notified. If you wish to receive the prayer concerns via e-mail, please contact Rosie Brown (rosieb@fpcsat.org / 210-271-2753). You may also submit prayer requests via e-mail to the addresses above. Please note: before you submit prayer requests for other persons, for privacy reasons you must have their permission to do so.
  • By sending a prayer request through this website: The First Presbyterian website also provides an opportunity to submit prayer requests.

Healing and Wholeness Services with Communion

The Prayer Ministry and pastoral staff conduct Healing and Wholeness Services on the third Sunday of each month in the Guthrie-Bryant Chapel after the 11:00 AM worship services conclude. These services include communion and are structured to bring intercessory prayer for yourself, others and groups for whom you are concerned. Examples include individuals who may be suffering from an illness like cancer or diabetes, or those who might be challenged by mental illness themselves or live with someone with mental illness, or those who simply need prayers for strength and love during a difficult time in their lives. The Healing and Wholeness Services (and any change in schedule) will be announced in our bulletins, newsletters and website. If you desire prayers for yourself or others, please take this opportunity to receive prayers. Ordained individuals will be available to pray with you using anointing oil and the laying on of hands.

Sunday Morning Prayer Service

Prayer Ministry convenes a half-hour prayer service each Sunday from 8:30 to 9:00 AM in Room 228 (the Bride’s Room), across from the pastors’ access to the sanctuary. This informal service provides a time for shared prayers with Rev. Ron Scates, our Interim Senior Pastor. All are welcome to come and pray with and for our pastors, the congregation, the church universal and more. Invite others to join you!

Prayer Chapel

Guthrie-Bryant Chapel will also be open throughout each day as a softly lighted central location for  individuals and groups to come before the Lord in prayer, as they are led by the Spirit.

Special Days of Prayer

As needed in the life of the congregation, or the local or national community, Prayer Ministry coordinates the congregation’s participation in movements such as the National Day of Prayer and other prayer initiatives. Announcements of each event appear in First Press Magazine, worship bulletins and other media.


Rev. Scott Simpson: scotts@fpcsat.org / 210-271-2712
Congregational Care Pastor

Rick Lane: 210-826-8671
Prayer Ministry Chair

Prayer Request

Online Prayer Requests are shared with our Pastors just as they are received.  Our prayer teams receive the requests with first names only and pray for each request for at least a week.

If you have a confidential prayer concern, please email Rev. Scott Simpson at scotts@fpcsat.org.  If you have any questions about prayer requests, please contact Rosie Brown at rosieb@fpcsat.org or 210-271-2753.



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Prayer Ministry Vision

Developing a Praying Congregation!

For Jesus, daily prayer was as essential as breathing. Prayer enabled him to discern God’s will for his life and find comfort and support to overcome the spiritual apathy, hypocrisy and injustice of his day.

As the resurrected and living Christ, Jesus promised he will be with us in our own daily struggles. The Spirit he placed in our hearts calls us to turn to God in prayer, and find comfort and support, rest and peace.

As Lord and Savior, Jesus calls us to come before our loving and just God, in and through prayer, so we might be empowered for loving service to a hurting and broken world.

Prayer Ministry’s Purpose: To encourage a passion for prayer within the congregational life and ministries of First Presbyterian so that the power of Christ’s love is made manifest in all we are and do! Below is a partial list of prayer opportunities within the life of First Presbyterian that will help you grow closer to Christ and to each other as a community of faith and hope, love and service. Help us expand that list!

Prayer Opportunities

  • Wherever you are, God is always open to our prayers! It’s as easy as “Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name…”
  • The FPC Care and Concern Line (210-222-2273) is available for prayer needs!
  • “First Cup” readings include a prayer list for your daily use!
  • Prior to worship: pray for the ministers and congregation that God’s word of truth be proclaimed with boldness and clarity, and be received and acted upon with both faith and service!
  • During worship: take the time to pray for self and others!
  • After worship: dedicated individuals are available to pray for and with you after each service!
  • Monthly services for Healing and Wholeness are open to all!
  • A special prayer service is held each Sunday from 8:30 to 9:00 am in Room 228 (The Bride’s Room).
  • Prayer is an integral part of Session, Diaconate and Stephens Ministry activities, as it is for the various dedicated prayer teams already formed!
  • Prayer enriches staff and committee meetings, Presbyterian Women events and activities, Sunday School classes, weekday Bible studies, small groups, choir rehearsals, men’s prayer breakfasts, Shawl Ministry, and more. Each group is encouraged to open and close with prayer, and to rely on prayer in discerning decisions and growing closer to Christ and to each other as a community of faith and hope, love and service!
  • Prayer is bedrock to staff and congregational retreats, and to family gatherings of all types and situations. These offer great opportunities to grow in faith and service through prayer!
  • Mission outreach activities, local and global in nature, depend on prayer for success in meeting the physical and spiritual needs of those being served!
  • Prayer is always appropriate whenever major life decisions are being considered, whether they deal with personal and family life, employment issues, financial choices, health concerns and the list goes on. In all these situations, prayer is appropriate, beneficial, and always helpful!
  • Help expand this partial list by making prayer an everyday part of your life of faith. In doing so, individually and together we become more oriented to put “service above self” and find the true joy that comes from living to make Jesus visible!

Prayer Publications

Click on the links below to read or print out these prayer publications:

Prayer Ministry Information

Intercessory Prayer Guide