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Prayer Ministry

40 Days of Prayer 2020

This Lenten season, we would like to invite the whole FPC congregation to join us in 40 days of prayer using the materials written by WayMakers, called “Seek God for the City 2020” (www.waymakers.org). For the 40 days leading up to Palm Sunday (February 26 – April 5), we will pray individually, with prayer partners, in small groups, and/or with our families using this prayer guide.

  • Download the App called “Seek God 2020,” available for mobile devices.

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The daily prayers are evangelistic in nature; seeking God’s face and His kingdom. We hope the congregation will find God-given courage to pray great things in love for people even if we don’t know them personally. In doing so, it will re-ignite desires in us for Christ that may have gone dormant, so that our hope in Christ and His kingdom will rise again.

24 Hours of Prayer for San Antonio

We are one of 40 churches in San Antonio participating in the “Seek God for the City 2020” prayer movement. Each church has been assigned one day to pray for 24 hours. We have committed to cover 24 hours praying on March 24th. There are two slots per 30 minutes, beginning at 12:00 AM and ending at 11:59 PM.  Sign up for a 30 minute slot and pray in your location of choice with a provided *prayer guide.
* Those who sign up will be emailed the prayer guide.

Sign Up to Pray

Together with other believers all over the city, we will cover San Antonio in prayer for 40 full days and nights leading up to Palm Sunday.