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NAMIWalks & Legacy Luncheon Video

NAMIWalks | Saturday | October 10

First Presbyterian Church is proud to virtually “walk” alongside Doug and Barbie Beach this year in bringing awareness to mental health related issues and removing the stigma associated with mental illness. October 10, 2020 marks A National Day of Hope and it makes a great starting point for the National Alliance for Mental Illness Fall season of events.

On that day and throughout the fall, NAMIWalks participants, mental health advocates and NAMI partners will make strides to support NAMI’s mission and celebrate Mental Health for All during this demanding year of challenges and changes.

Doug and Barbie recently shared their story at the Women of the Church Legacy Luncheon. We are certain you will be blessed by listening to their testimony and the long term involvement of our church at fpcsanantonio.org/legacylunch

Please join us for NAMI WALKS at  https://www.namiwalks.org/ to gain additional insight and resources, and donate if you feel lead and are able.

Donate to Doug and Barbie’s Team

If you have any questions regarding this event or other mental health related resources in our community please contact Jenn Borges, Redeeming the Crisis Mental Health Chair, at 707 372-3228.