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1st Corinthians Study

How can you bet your life on Jesus and live His way when everyone around thinks that you are crazy for believing what you believe?

The Gospel Solution: A Study on 1st Corinthians

The problems identified in the Corinthian church are pastorally addressed by Paul as he liberally applies the word and work of Jesus to every relational, moral, ethical, sensual, and spiritual problem. The letter is important for us today because we too have issues in the church, and the gospel remains God’s solution to redeem, restore, re-order, and renew our relationship with Jesus, one another, and our participation in God’s work in the world.

Study Along with the FPC Fall 2023 Sermon Series!

Richly Dwelling through 1st Corinthians,” Biblical meditations and applications from Pastor Mitchell and Lisa Moore. RichlyDwelling.com