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October Wednesday Reformation Big Events


Westminster Hall • Dinner 5:30 PM • Lecture 6:15 PM

In October 1517, a German Priest named Martin Luther, a professor at the University of Wittenburg in Germany, challenged the status quo of the church by daring to speak out about the scandals, abuses and errors propagated by those in power. His deepest desire was to draw the people of God back to the simple, pure message of God’s grace in Jesus Christ.

Luther’s challenge changed the face of Europe and the world. His ideas were championed from England to Hungary, and shaped the thinking of John Calvin and those who planted the seeds of the Presbyterian Church.

This fall, First Presbyterian Church is celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation by hosting a special series of big events on Wednesday Evenings in October.


Dr. Chris Scruggs, retired Pastor of Advent Presbyterian Church (EPC), Memphis, Tennessee. Dr. Scruggs’ presentation is titled, “How John Calvin Helped Create Our World.” The movement that rose from Luther’s “protest” (the “protestant” reformation) not only changed the practice of Christianity, it also changed the economic and political climate of the time and set the foundations for our modern world. Click HERE to view presentation or download podcast.


Dr. David Green. Pastor, FPC Conroe, Texas connected the reformation ideas to our own history in his presentation, “McCullough, Bunting and the Pioneer Presbyterians of Texas.” Click HERE to view presentation or download podcast.


Tom Dooling and Jae Ha present “The Music of the Reformation.” Join us for this opportunity to learn, sing, and hear some of the music that was inspired by the Protestant Reformation. In addition to singing some of the great hymns born of this movement, we will also hear a performance of selections of the J.S. Bach Cantata “Ein’ feste Burg ist unser Gott–A Mighty Fortress is Our God.”


Our Wednesday Night series will conclude on October 25 as we welcome Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller of the Archdiocese of San Antonio to give us a Roman Catholic View of the Reformation, 500 years later. Dinner reservation deadline:  Noon on Wednesday, October 25


Please join us as we celebrate both the legacy and the future of this movement. Five Hundred years is just the beginning!



Each meal will cost $10 per person, prepaid at the Mauze Lobby reception desk. Your check is your reservation. Please note in the memo line of your check the event and event date.


Children’s Programming and Childcare is available from 6:15-7:00 PM.

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