Project 240 in 2017


Project 240 in 2017

Sunday, April 30 • 10:45 AM – 3:00 PM

First Pres and Habitat for Humanity of San Antonio are once again partnering for their sixth annual “Project 240” community event, directly on the FPC parking lot in downtown San Antonio! The event – constructing the frames of five houses in less than 240 minutes – welcomes volunteers from around the area to help. No construction expertise is necessary and everyone is welcome to participate

We’re excited you’re here! Click below to register or donate or both.




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Save time on April 30!
Print out these waivers, fill them out, and hand them in before you pick up your hammer and nails.

Adult Form (yes, you will need both)
1. FPC Adult Waiver
2. Habitat for Humanity Adult Waiver

Minor Form (yes, you will need help)
1. FPC Minor Waiver
2. Habitat for Humanity Minor Waiver


*Please read instructions before clicking the link*

  1. Click here to go to your First Pres Giving Online Site
  2. Enter your First Pres username and password or create an account
  3. Enter the amount you would like to donate to Project 240 under “Gift”
  4. Enter the amount again (this will not charge you twice) under “Funds”
    *Important: Please note “Project 240” in the box next to your amount
  5. Enter your payment method, review, and take your receipt.

Thank you for your donation!

Alternative Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in volunteering, but unable or uninterested in wielding a hammer? We have opportunities for you!

  • On April 23, we need volunteers from 10:15 AM to 12:30 PM to: 
    Oversee t-shirt sales
    Distribute waiver forms
  • On April 30, we need volunteers from 9:00 to 11:00 AM and 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM to:
    Oversee t-shirt sales
    Oversee lunch box sales
    Distribute/Accept waiver forms and registration
  • On April 30, we need volunteers beginning at 12:00 PM to:
    Distribute water and snacks

If you’re interested in volunteering for one/several of these opportunities, please contact Fred Wall by email ( or phone (210-887-2434).


On Sunday, April 23 we will be passing out t-shirts ($5 each) for Project 240, so don’t miss yours!
We will also be passing out waivers on that day for you to fill out and bring back on the day of Project 240, Sunday April 30, so save some time in line and pick one up!


Curious about our partner, Habitat for Humanity? Click here!

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