Children’s Day Out

Children’s Day Out

Age: 18 mos–4 years
Meets: 9:00 AM- 1:00 PM • FPC first floor
Contact: Kitty Lange / 210-288-8300
Each Tuesday and Thursday is created especially for children, ages 18 months to four years of age. They’re enrolled in our Children’s Day Out program, gathered into four classes, based on age groups. With two teachers to each class, each child is guaranteed personal attention and age-appropriate opportunities to grow in their faith and to develop their skills. The day begins with pre-play activities, then a circle for story and songs. Art projects, a visit to other parts of the church, dramatic play, books, playground time, a mid-morning snack, lunch and nap also are part of the day. Enrollment is open to all as long as space in each age-group class is available. This is a popular program, and we strongly recommend early registration. Believe us—children have a ball!

“The CDO program is such a special and loving place for little ones to learn about Jesus! We are grateful that our two children had that wonderful opportunity. With gifted teachers at every level, the children learned about God, His world, His love and His Son.”

“It is impossible to describe in words how much we loved and appreciated CDO for our son and, what a gift from God it was to us. I still mourn the fact that he is too old to be there. There will never be another place like CDO!”

“CDO is a community of believers filled with a love for young children and a desire to lead them to Jesus. When I think back on our time there, Jesus’ words to, ‘let the little children come unto Me,’ springs to mind. Whether through Bible stories and crafts, songs learned, or simple love and kindness shown, the theme of leading them to Jesus was preeminent. What a blessing it is to have others endeavoring alongside us in planting those first precious seeds of the faith! We are forever grateful for its influence in our family’s life and for its ministry in the city!”

“CDO has been such an incredible blessing to our family! We have had 3 children who have attended the program and they have all absolutely LOVED it. The sweet teachers have such a love for the children and for teaching them all about God’s love. CDO will always hold a special place in our hearts!”

“When I first toured the CDO program I observed a classroom where the children were learning about Jesus after His resurrection and how He ate fish on the seashore with His disciples. Well, not only was every play area that day centered around the ocean and fish, but the children actually got to touch a real, large frozen fish and make a t-shirt from painting its scales!”

“My son went to CDO for three years and absolutely loved it! The teachers love the children, have a heart to teach them God’s word, and are highly qualified with years of experience in Child Development. Each teacher is wonderful in her own unique way.”

“CDO was purposely designed to teach children about Jesus in a way that specifically addresses the developmental stage of each child.”

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