Hoon/Bullock Lecture Videos

Hoon/Bullock Lecture Series

On Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 23-24, FPC held the Hoon/Bullock Lectures, which featured Rev. Dr. Jim Singleton, Jr., former associate pastor of First Pres from 1983-1988, which focused on the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation (Oct. 15, 1517):

Officers Mtg Powerpoint – State of the Church

Dr. Singleton joined Gordon-Conwell as Associate Professor of Pastoral Leadership and Evangelism in 2012, bringing with him many years of church leadership experience. He previously served on Gordon-Conwell’s faculty as adjunct professor in Presbyterian polity and history at the Hamilton campus in 1991.

The son of a Presbyterian pastor, Dr. Singleton’s call to ministry began early in his high school years and intensified in college. His particular interests lie in evangelism and the mission of the local church. He has a passion for helping equip congregations to better fulfill their global mission. Dr. Singleton served as senior pastor of churches in Texas, Washington and most recently, First Presbyterian Church in Colorado Springs. He has taught at several seminaries around the world, including ones in Virginia, Texas, Washington, Moscow and Zambia. In addition to teaching and preaching, Dr. Singleton has participated in cross-cultural missions in places like Mongolia, Ecuador, Cuba, Mexico and India.

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