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The Gift of Christmas


The Gift of Christmas
Now through December 2

The Gift of Christmas ministry at First Presbyterian Church has had a lengthy and generous history over at least 60 years. Previously known as “Christmas Clearing Bureau” and “Christmas Baskets,” today’s Gift of Christmas partners with House of Neighborly Service, a non-profit organization serving residents of the Westside area of San Antonio. Founded in 1917 by Presbyterian missionaries, HNS is now is it’s 100th year and consistently serves about 900 families. This is an area of San Antonio that is at high-risk for child abuse and neglect, family violence, and drug/alcohol abuse. More than 80% of the people who use HNS’ services earn less than $15,000 a year.

So, Christmas for most of these families is a stressful and uncertain time. Gift of Christmas ministry seeks FPC individuals, families, and groups to adopt 30 HNS families and bless them in the name of Jesus. Typical items of need are clothing, toys for children, and basic household items plus supply a gift card for food for their Christmas Dinner.

We at First Presbyterian Church are a community of generous Believers in Jesus Christ, not only in words but in actions. Experience the Joy of serving others and Making Jesus Visible by joining with a group or other FPC family by adopting a family for Christmas.

Family Request Forms can be downloaded here or found at the Mauze Lobby.

Information about this ministry is available each Sunday morning now through December 2 at the Christmas Tree table in the Mauze Lobby or by calling or emailing:

Diane Carssow  (512) 940-3424/

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