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Making FPC an Intentionally More Healthy Congregation

The last time this congregation took a survey, the atmosphere was totally different than it now is. Joy has returned to our hallways, we have added some superb new staff, SA’s downtown renaissance is literally swirling around us, we’re in a new denomination, and, as San Antonio gets ready to celebrate her 300th anniversary, we find ourselves an official partner with her in that endeavor.

As a gift to the Lord, and to our city, your Session has put FPC on a course to becoming a more intentionally healthy congregation. Dr. Paul Borden— who coached me and my previous two churches into becoming more robust Kingdom-growing, disciple-making congregations— has been retained by your Session to attempt to do just that with FPC. Some generous, yet anonymous FPC Covenant Partners, have stepped-up and covered the expense of this exercise. Paul’s specialty is diagnosing a congregation’s strengths and weaknesses, then helping prescribe actions that will maximize those strengths and remedy the weaknesses. He’s already been working with your pastors, Session, and staff.

Now, it’s your turn as a Covenant Partner of FPC to make your voice heard. Paul’s team has devised a survey that is designed to enable them to hear from the entire congregation as part of their data-gathering. The Borden team will spend the fall analyzing all the data, then will come on-site in January with their diagnosis…and prescriptions for how FPC can move forward into its 172nd year as a more healthy, faithful, and effective congregation of God’s people. You will be able to see and hear about their analysis as Paul and his team share with us what they’ve discovered, as he holds forth in our pulpit in January. Our Houses of Prayer will be, meanwhile, undergirding this whole process with prayer.

You can access the survey online from September 10 until October 17 at noon. We need everyone’s input, so please take some time and let Paul’s team hear from you. We encourage everyone to complete the survey online, but if you are unable to do so, a hard copy of the survey is available at the Mauze Lobby reception desk.

I watched two churches—Central Presbyterian/Baltimore and Highland Park Presbyterian/Dallas—ignite in the wake of Paul’s diagnosis and coaching, and I have every confidence that the same will happen here at 4th and Alamo. Thanks for your prayers and faithfulness.

Be strong in the Lord.

+ Ron



Click HERE to access and take the survey.

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